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Why give Stress Balls as a promotional product?

Why give Stress Balls as a promotional product?

When it comes to promoting your company and the products and/or services you offer, promotional products work best. Stress balls are one of the leading products that companies use. They come in all shapes and sizes and can even be personalized with your company's logo. They are manufactured in lots of 500 to 1000 pieces at a time to allow you to choose the right amount needed for your marketing needs.

These little de stressors make great giveaways at company functions and trade shows to help promote your company. Employers love to hand these out to their employees as well as it gives them a little incentive item plus gives them a way to relieve stress when at the work place. Many companies choose to go with the typical stress ball in the shape of a ball but there are plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from where the stress ball promotional products are concerned. It gives companies a chance to advertise their company in a fun way and people love these little toys so they will be sure to hold onto it rather than tossing out some of the other promotional products that they get.

The key is to hand out promotional products that people will use so that your company name is always fresh on their mind. People will play with these balls throughout the day so your company is literally at their fingertips many times daily rather than some items that only get use or seen occasionally such as magnets that sit on a filing cabinet or a pencil that can get lost in the desk drawer or thrown out when it has served its purpose.

These types of promotional products are generally made from firm foam that can be squeezed. Once you let it go it turns back to its original shape. When the stress ball first came out it was given to patients to help them get strength back or to increase strength in their hands after an injury. Patients would repeatedly squeeze the ball to increase their muscle strength and tone and then the doctors found that it was helping people to reduce their level of stress.

You will find stress balls in all shapes and sizes with a mixture of colours but most often they will be the main colour that goes with a company's logo. So if your company colours were black and white then you would get a stress ball that matches that. Some of the more popular stress balls are in the shape of people, animals, geometric shapes, hearts and even sports balls.

You may see a pet store offer stress balls in the shape of a dog or a dog bone where as a realtor will most likely have stress balls in the shape of a house. Medical facilities will have stress balls that resemble the body parts that they take care of such as a heart, nose or even a hand. Keep in mind that it may take a little bit longer to have your stress balls made if you are looking for a customized shape.

When you use this type of promotional product you will find that you will have more traffic at your table during trade shows. These are things that you will see on people's desk, hanging from a keychain or even in their house. They work as a great conversation starter and can really help get some business flowing your way. Stress balls with your logo printed on it and your contact information help you to keep your business right at the top of the list when people need the service that you provide.

If you are looking for the perfect way to give your business a boost and market your product to a wide variety of people then go with promotional products such as stress balls. They are very durable and will help keep your name fresh on the minds of your clients as well as potential clients.

Giving away promotional stress toys assures that your booth will gain some traffic. Printed stress balls are very popular and visitors love to take them home or back to their office to put them on the desk. They make a good conversation piece and ice breaker for use with new clients also. Be sure to get all of the necessary information on the stress ball so people will know who you are, how to contact you and what you're offering.