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Why give executive games and puzzles as promotional gifts

Puzzles and games are an excellent way to relax while taking a short break at work. They present you with the opportunity to relax your mind and release stress while still remaining professional. Executive puzzles and games are excellent gift items that can be used for this purpose in the office while at the same time (especially if custom branded) serving as a marketing tool. Gift ideas for executives can range from playful toys to mind teasing puzzles designed to get the brain up and running again when key decisions need to be made. Chess sets and rubik cubes are two of the most popularly given executive puzzles.

While choosing executive puzzles and games as promotional products or gifts there are certain factors that you should consider. One, the profession of the recipient - does the recipient have a desk job or are they always on the move? Two, the purpose of the gift - are you looking for a functional gift or just one that will be placed on display? Note however that you have a better chance of making an impression with the gift if the gift is relevant to what the recipient does on a daily basis. .

As you choose the gift, remember that executives and people that spend a lot of time at their desks would prefer something that they can place within easy reach or that they can display on their desks. As a gift for executives, metallic or metal plated toys are recommended as they often have a more ‘formal appearance. Examples would include metallic spring toys or thinking balls. Executive tranquilizer balls are also a good gift item and they're also functional as they work well as stress relievers. .

For an executive that is constantly on the move and hardly ever spends time at their desk, then go for a gift idea that ties in well with their regular travel. A deck of cards or an electronic game is a good gift idea for the constant traveller. However, you have to be careful on the electronic game. Go for a game that the person would be comfortable playing considering their age. A good example of an electronic game that would appeal to both the young and old is the legendary Tatris. .

Certain gift items are referred to colloquially as ‘decision makers'. These are fun gifts that can be displayed on the desk or in a prominent, visible position. They are called decision makes because the executive can play around with as they contemplate a major decision. They should be entertaining and should include fun logos that can be customized based on the giver's business or product brand. The more entertaining yet unintrusive the game is, then the more likely it is that the recipient will carry it around with them or place it on a prominent position on their desks. Examples of such gifts are table top roulette wheels, a pair of dice, dart boards or even an eight ball for the fun loving young executive. .

Another great gift for jogging the mind is the crossword puzzle. You can get them a small crossword puzzle book so that when are stressed at work or looking for something to do while on a lunch or meeting break, they can fill a crossword. The great thing with the crossword is that if they get stuck, they can always leave the puzzle and come back later or on another day to try and fill it. It not only jogs their memory and expands their vocabulary but it also challenges them to look forward to complete the puzzle so they can move to the next one. .

A variation of the crossword puzzle and that has grown to become one of the most popular mind games is Sudoku. Sudoku, a numbers puzzle game has grown to a huge following and is quite simple to learn the basics for someone that has never played it before. You can give them a Sudoku puzzles book that can keep them busy and help them relax during those times when a rest is needed in order to reenergize. In fact, the Sudoku is so popular that game manufacturers across the board have made portable electronic versions of the game so that one can easily carry it with them wherever he or she goes. .

The rubik cube is another gift item that ranks high in popularity when it comes to promotional gift items. It's great as a problem solving and critical thinking tool. You can incorporate a promotional message where the colours of the rubik cube ordinarily go in such a way that when the puzzle is finally solved, the promotional message can be displayed. Themes around work ethic, success, strategy and positive thinking, can also be incorporated on the cube making it serve as a motivator for the executive. Promotional rubik cubes are ordinarily smaller than the standard rubic cube. .

Board games are another gift item worth considering. The advantage with board games is that they would fit well in several settings - they can be displayed in the executive's main office or placed in the waiting area or reception. Again, a logo or product brand would be a good way to promote your business not only with the recipient but every other person that will walk into the office. If you customize it, make sure the finishing is good enough to make it a talking point.

Help your clients unwind or give them something challenging from our Executive Games and Puzzles collection. Kick off your next conference or sales meeting with one of the many puzzles that stimulate thinking "Outside the Box". Give your clients or employees a unique and entertaining promotional product branded with your logo.

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