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Why use pens as a promotional product?

There are plenty of reasons to give pens as a promotional item!

Though you might not understand it right now, these promotional products can actually help your business more than any commercial advertisement or even internet ads.

The question however, is why pens can help you.

If you think about it, pens are simply something that you cannot live without. Really. Even in the computer age, we still reach for pens every time we need to make a note, sign a form, or even write a letter. You can be sure that everyone else does the same thing, and for that reason giving away pens as a promotional product  can seriously help your business.

There are a few guidelines that you will need to follow however, especially if you want to provide your customers with a high quality product. The first thing you need to understand is that as a promotional product these pens need to be free.

Because the pens are free you might not feel that you should put any significant amount of money into their production. This thinking could not be more wrong!

Think about this; when you reach for a pen, do you reach for the one that doesn't work? Do you reach for the one that is going to make a scratching sound when you drag it against the paper? Absolutely not, you reach for the expensive looking pen that is going to work every single time.

Many businesses make the mistake of buying pens that simply do not work. They believe their name and phone number on a pen is going to be enough to bring customers back, but if the pen doesn't work it will most likely end up in the trash. On the other hand, if your pen always works, they will continue to use it, and as they use it, they will continue to notice your name on the side of the pen.

When it comes to your name, you need to be very specific about the amount of information you put on the side of that pen. You obviously cannot have a full blown advertisement, so many people choose to simply have their logo and phone number or website.. This is the only information you really need, but depending on the pen you choose, if there is room, you could also have a list of services you provide. Let's say you are a construction company, and if that is the case, you can add something like: Roofing - Siding - Doors - Windows. This is a very simple description and it lets the potential customer know what you do. However, you do not want the printing on the  pen to look cluttered or you will distract from the quality element of the pen and it will not be used.

To make pens even more special, on the other side of the pen- you can brand it with the individual's name! Now you will be guaranteed that if it is a nice pen AND the customer's name is on the pen- it will be something that will be kept and used!

As long as your pen is on that person's desk, and so long as they continue to use it, you are advertising!

The owner of that pen might not realize that you are advertising, but as soon as they need your services, they will look at that pen and they will more than likely give you a call.

At that point, your promotional product has done its job. You have a potential customer on the line, and now you need to close the sale. The pen can only take you so far, and for that reason it would be best to make sure you have a good sales department backing those pens up.

Pens are also easy to distribute and easy to store at a trade show for a giveaway.

As you can see, investing a bit of money in nice pens would be a good idea.

Not only will you have an active advertisement out there, you will have provided people with pens that they can use in their everyday office work. In some offices quality pens are an endangered species so to speak, so if you can hand them out for free, you are doing a service.

The pens may not provide immediate sales, but they will be out there, and once you distribute them you need to be ready to provide your services.

So get ready, give away some pens, and prepare to increase your sales. It won't be long now.
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