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Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Fitness items as promotional products

ImageConnect is well-known for the vast array of promotional fitness and health care products that they offer such as dental and eye care products, children and infant items, first aid kits, bandage kits, pill dispensers, fitness and stress relief products and health care items used in clinics and hospitals.

The concepts of health care and fitness work in tandem with each other, you simply cannot have one without the other.

As a matter of fact, several studies have pointed to the health benefits of leading an active lifestyle.

In the last twenty years there has been an astounding growth in the lifestyle, healthcare and fitness industries, people are more health conscious today than they ever were and the sentiment has found its way across the societal spectrums. Not only individuals but also corporations and industries catering to the health care and fitness needs of customers the world over realise the importance of promoting fitness and exercise. Medical practitioners, and insurance companies are promoting a culture of health consciousness and fitness and in the process, they are also trying to enlarge their client base.

ImageConnect offers a myriad of products that are specifically designed to cater to the marketing and promotional requirements of the fitness and health care industry. Although the economics of the health care industry are crucial, the numerous local and national associations also play a significant role in promoting a healthy lifestyle through the prevention of various diseases. We offer a wide range of products that can be used for promotional purposes including fitness accessories that can be successfully used to educate people as well as promote the concept of fitness and healthcare.

Among the many products that we offer are the ever-popular medicine dispensers and first aid kits, which are always an instant hit. First aid kits are commonly used by several healthcare as well as non-fitness companies as promotional items. It is normal for companies that offer their services outdoors provide first aid kits to their customers. The first aid kit is incredibly handy and portable and most recipients view it as a well thought of promotional items aimed at ensuring their safety and that of their family members. Most people tend to spend a significant amount of time outdoors and in their cars and the first aid kit can be incredibly useful in case of small emergencies. The featured first aid kits offered by us include useful items such as insect bite swabs as well as the traditional disinfectants and bandages. Auto Dealers frequently offer first aid kits to their customers as a thank you gift; the kit inevitably finds its way to the customer's car where it constantly reminds the customer of the excellent service received at the dealership. We also offer first aid kits with a more exhaustive range of items; you can find these on our site under the Emergency Preparedness category.

Medicine dispensers are another popular choice as we head towards an era where the baby boomers are fast approaching their senior years, the demand for medication to treat various health conditions is expected to grow exponentially. Most people have too many coloured pills to take care of and they need to ensure that the medication is taken as per the physician's prescription. The medicine dispensers offered by us are the perfect promotional item and are often used by pharmacies, treatment centers, clinics and other establishments devoted to the prevention and treatment of diseases. These dispensers often have the logo of the company on them making them a powerful and potent brand management tool.

Not only the manufacturers of medication used in the treatment of chronic diseases but also vitamin manufacturers can use these dispensers to ensure that their products become a part of person's daily dosage of medication. If your clients have a more demanding medication regimen, we offer dispensers that come with a built in timer that alerts the patients to take their dosage. Pill dispensers are available in the form of cases that are molded. These usually have compartments where medication for each day can be stored; alternatively, we also offer dispensers that are part of a keychain. Other products in the category include the one-at-a-time dispenser, foil cutters, pill cutters, timers and more.

Although, most products that we offer enjoy a special position in the promotional items market, the pedometer is by far the most popular product on the scene today. These are devices that measure steps, calories burnt, the distance covered etc so that a person can meet his/her fitness goals. A popular choice among medical practitioners, we offer imprinted pedometers with a plethora of features that make them truly useful devices. ImageConnect offers pedometers with LED flashlight for evening jogs, built in FM radio, which is exceptionally in demand and a version with an emergency siren. Most of the pedometers have a clip on back and the user can see the top view of the digital display but we also offer models that can be slipped on to the wrist of the user and also double up as sweat bands. Given their extremely affordable price and the functionality and advantages offered to the users, it is no wonder that pedometers are by far the most efficacious promotional items in the market today. Apart from companies that offer healthcare and fitness products and services, these devices can also be used by manufacturers of sports apparel and sports drinks.

Promotional products used for the propagation of the health and fitness mantra include portable exercise equipment such as stretch bands, jump ropes and grip strengtheners. These items make ideal gifts for people who are always on the move and do not have access to a gym but need to exercise every day.

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