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Use Confectionery, Chocolates, and Bottled Water to keep your brand top of mind with your client.

Food as a promotional tool becomes an instant hit because it creates an emotional and sensual connection with consumers. A delicious taste is always memorable, and so does the sponsoring advertiser who is fondly remembered for the experience, and the goodwill.

There are a wide range of promo food ideas you can choose from, but you can never go wrong with the top three--candies, chocolate, and drinks.

Aren't They Sweet?

Confectionery items like Sugar Free Mints and Sugar Mints in Corporate branded tins, jars, buckets and canisters. , Large Lollipops with edible graphics , Corporate coloured mini Jelly Beans and chewing gum are favourite promotional gifts because they are inexpensive and available in an array of flavours and packaging formats. They are perfect during big gatherings like trade fairs which require a large volume of promo items that can attract people to exhibitors' booths. Plenty of networking happens during these events-lots of interaction with clients, potential buyers and suppliers-and a fresh breath is always a must. Start handing out confectionery items and people would flock to you in droves.

You can have the confectionery items packed in a variety of tin shapes and sizes, each providing prominent space for your brand or company logo. How about one that looks like a golf ball, cell phone, a computer mouse, or a car? Use your imagination for a dispenser idea that fits your company's image and reinforces your brand message, and we can help make it come true.

Customised Shaped Logo Chocolates and cookies are a wonderful combination. Your chocolate is shaped and embossed in the shape and design of your logo, message, product or other design to suit your particular needs within the limitations of attaching it to the cookie, and then moulded onto either a butternut snap cookie or a shortbread cookie. The packaging options with these cookies are endless, and they make wonderful treats for conferences, the board room, and are also ideal for all kinds of promotions as well as the hospitality industry. Either cookie with a delicious moulded chocolate on top is a perfect match with a coffee.

Say it with Chocolates

Chocolate has always been a popular treat, and you'll score big points if you include them in your mix of promotional goodies. Give them in a fancy box as a special holiday gift to your office staff, suppliers, or important contacts. If you think that a box isn't imaginative enough, we can custom mould them for you in various shapes like cars, trophies, championship balls, and computer mice. We can even emboss your company logo and slogan for maximum effect. If you find that expensive, try our chocolate bars in various customized wrappers which are sure to fit your promotional budget. Whatever presentation you choose, we can top it off with a personalized card to make the gift even more memorable.

Whether you are looking for a simple chocolate to hand out to prospective clients at a trade show, or a complex 3-dimensional piece to adorn the tables at a gala corporate event, ImageConnect edict of 'shape it, brand it, wrap it, pack it, anyway you want', aptly describes what can be done. We can manufacture a chocolate in just about any shape, size, design and packaging that you can think of, and manufacture them to your exact needs, your budget and your deadline.

Both customised and non-customised chocolates can be supplied to match virtually any theme imaginable. For your next event consider using a matching chocolate as a give-away or promotional product. The samples presented on our site are just a small portion of the options available - almost any theme imaginable can be catered for.

We also cater to the Wedding market with our Wedding Chocolates - graphics/photos are printed on the chocolate in full colour and it all can be eaten.

A Refreshing Pause

These days, more and more people are watching their diets and getting health conscious. They'd rather have water than sugar-spiked soda, and advertisers are getting the cue. Big outdoor events have become excellent venues for companies to give away custom-labelled bottle water to thirsty revellers and participants. The cost of the refreshing freebie is inexpensive per bottle yet allows prominent space on which to display your logo or promotional message. Check out your calendar for upcoming parades, street parties, eco-rallies, promotional runs, or walks-for-a cause. Nothing beats a gulp of free cold bottled water on a hot day.

Bottled spring water supplied with your own private label. Drinking bottled water with your design or corporate branding is fantastic for a sales meeting, trade shows or any company or corporate event.

Promotional food giveaways are a great way to spend your ad budget because of the favourable impression they create and, more importantly, the extended mileage that they provide. You'll discover that investing in this merchandising scheme can be more practical than blowing a big chunk of budget on a single event. When you decide to give away food gifts, every box, tin, bottle, or wrapper becomes a mini billboard that continues to remind consumers about your company or product.

Sales Representatives can leave a container of confectionery at a client’s office and then have access to the client a couple months later stating they want to come back in and refill the container. This way your brand is always top of mind with the client.

At ImageConnect, we are committed to help you with unique yet affordable promotional food ideas for every occasion. Our exciting selection includes mint and other confectionery items in jars and tins; chocolates in conventional or customized boxes or wrappers; bottled promotional water; and other items like gift baskets, cookies, popcorn, and wine accessories. To get a better idea, visit our site and our supplier’s catalogues and marvel at our variety of promotional food products which we can deliver according to your schedule. Whatever business you are in, we're confident that you will find not just one but several promotional food items that suit your image and, most of all, your budget.

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