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Why Calendars make Exceptional Promotional Giveaway Gifts!

Let's face it; the most important goal of any business is to offer products or services which are in high demand. Not only must the products or services be in high demand, but they also have to be of a high quality. If they're not, customers and clients will simply look elsewhere, and when that happens, it can have a devastating effect on a business. Market analysts have long since determined that once a customer walks away from a specific company, they are highly unlikely to ever return. In other words, when a business loses a customer, they've usually lost that customer for good.

Customer service is of course another crucial element in any business. Poor customer service will always result in a loss of revenue, because here again, if a customer feels they've been mistreated or neglected in any way, they'll simply take their business elsewhere. This also tends to have a knock-on effect, in that unhappy customers always tend to share their experience with others. .

The two aspects of a business which have been mentioned above could very well be compared to the foundations of a building. Just as a building cannot exist without solid foundations, a company also cannot exist if it's lacking in one of the above. Of course a building isn't a building until the actual structure has been completed, and if the structure isn't appealing to the eye, there won't be much demand for it even when it has been completed. To a great extent, this is very similar to business marketing. Business marketing is the primary tool a company uses in order to present themselves to the public. It's what gives a company an image. If a company employs shoddy marketing tactics, they will almost always be seen as a poorly run outfit. It's a well known fact that marketing can make or break even the biggest businesses, hence the reason why companies spend millions in order to promote their products, their services, or simply their company name. .

Promoting a business doesn't only involve the likes of TV commercials and full-page newspaper ads. In fact, only very large companies can afford such luxuries, but that's not too say small business have no options at all. To the contrary, small businesses can take advantage of cost effective internet marketing, they can advertise in local rags, and of course, they can make use of promotional giveaways. Giveaways in particular can be a very effective tool, because let's face facts; everybody loves to get something for free. .

The One Promotional Giveaway That Stands Out Above the Rest.

Perhaps you've already guessed it, but when it comes to reasonably priced giveaways, it takes a lot to beat the effectiveness of calendars.

 For many of us, knowing the date is just as important as knowing the time. From birthdays to meetings and from work deadlines to summer vacations--knowing the date allows us to track our day-to-day schedules. .

Just as important as knowing the date is the way that we track it. A monthly calendar is definitely one of the most effective ways to keep track of the date. .

Calendar printing is cost effective, and because calendars are also very easy to distribute, they're simply ideal for almost any type of marketing campaign. Ideally, promotional calendars should display your company logo and contact details, but at the same time, the calendars also need to be visually appealing so that those who receive them will be happy to display them. When done correctly, company branded calendars can even become collectable and very valuable, while at the same time, they continue to promote your company. Without mentioning names here, a certain tyre manufacturer's promotional calendars have become highly collectable over the years, particularly between men who enjoy admiring the curves of beautiful looking women. .

Of course, not all companies want their calendars to depict curvy women in the skimpiest of swimsuits, but the point is, the photographic content or the artwork displayed needs to attract attention, but it also needs to do so using a certain amount of class. For example, not many people are going to display your calendar in their office or homes if all you can come up with are some pictures of a few nuts and bolts. The key here is "creativity", and that's exactly why companies need to source their calendar printing needs out to a reputable company (like ImageConnect), and one which has sufficient experience in the field. .

In summary these are the 7 biggest benefits of why calendars make exceptional promotional giveaway items: .

1. Calendars are practical. .

Let's face it: not all promotional giveaways are useful. Many of them break or fall apart soon after we get them. Others collect dust until we eventually remember that we had them-and then toss them. But a calendar is definitely a different story. We tend to use calendars on a daily basis, and often refer to them more than once daily. It's basically like using our watches to determine the current time. It's something we have to do, so making the process more convenient makes our lives easier. A calendar makes the perfect promotional giveaway because it's something that will make our lives better. Compare that to those promotional cheap giveaway bottle openers that break the first time we use them! .

2. Everyone likes free stuff. .

Even if we're hesitant to admit it, we like getting freebies. We like getting them when we need them, and we like getting them when we could afford the item ourselves. Yes, it's the thought that counts! Promotional calendars are typically given towards the end of the year, so you can use them starting January 1. And since it's the holiday season anyway, that makes receiving the promotional calendars extra special. Even the biggest sceptics must admit that receiving promotional giveaways (such as calendars) is something special. .

3. You can never have enough calendars. .

Many promotional giveaways are in and of themselves practical. But we don't really need 100 key chains or coffee mugs. That's what makes calendars different from other "practical" promotional giveaways. Basically, you can never have too many calendars. The more you have, the easier it is to organize your day in the office or at home. If you have a wall calendar, you could still use a desk calendar. And if you have a desk calendar, you could still use a pocket calendar. There's always room for another calendar. .

4. They're affordable. .

Have you checked on the current advertising rates for the Internet, TV, and radio? They're all sky-high! Compare that with the cost of promotional giveaways. They're fairly inexpensive, due to various factors such as their mass production. Instead of creating a single ad for mass media, promotional giveaways are the advertising that keeps on giving. Each time someone uses it, he or she will be reminded of your brand or company. And each time a second party sees the calendar, it will again advertise your company's goods or services. So whether your company has a shoestring advertising budget, or you want to get more value from your advertising expenditures-consider promotional giveaways such as calendars! .

5. They promote your brand. .

While this is one of the most obvious benefits of using calendars as promotional giveaways, it's definitely worth mentioning. Creating a brand is only half the battle. Afterwards, your company's objective is to promote the brand. In many regards, a company's brand is a cornerstone of any business. That's true whether you're selling fighter planes or turnips. While there are 1,001 ways to promote your company's brand, promotional giveaways such as calendars are definitely some of the easiest and most effective ones. .

5. They're varied. .

Keep in mind that not all promotional giveaway calendars are alike. So which type should you chose? Think about the needs of your customers. Cube calendars, desk calendars, and wall calendars, 1 year to a page, each month on a separate page. These are some of the options that you have. Which one should you choose? It depends on your clients' needs. Take some time to think about which type of calendar would be most practical for your clients. Ultimately, that's the one that you should choose. As a general rule, a calendar that your clients can use on a day-to-day basis is the most effective type to choose. Having the calendars customized adds additional value to the calendars. For instance, you could have your company's brand name and logo plastered onto the calendar including your own photography. .

6. They're easy to distribute. .

It's a cinch to ship calendars directly from the printers, to your clients, potential clients, and employees. That's not the same with other products, which can be much pricier to ship (due to various factors such as their weight). Even if you don't mail the calendars, they're a piece of cake to distribute at various events. .

7. You can give them to anyone. .

Who should receive your company's promotional giveaway calendars? One of the benefits of such gifts is that they can be used in a variety of ways. You could give them to current customers, as a way of showing appreciation for their patronage. Potential customers could also receive the calendars. This is a fantastic way of introducing your company and brand to them. Your company's employees are yet another potential recipient of the calendars. This is an effective method for thanking your employees, who are the essence of your company. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and this is definitely one of the most effective ways to thank everyone on your payroll. .

If you're in the process of choosing a promotional giveaway, then you should certainly consider calendars. They're the gift that keeps on giving every day of the year! Providing your promotional calendars are eye-catching and classy, you'll at least know that there are indeed people looking at them 365 days of the year, and if your company logo is prominently displayed, that's a lot of beneficial marketing in terms of exposure. The bottom line is, when it comes to promotional giveaways, calendars still rule the roost. .

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