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The Ins and Outs of Corporate Gift Giving!

Corporate gifts have always been a part of the business world. These types of gifts are different from products that are given away which contain the company logo and information or incentives that are given when certain conditions have been met. The entire purpose of these types of gifts is to strengthen the bond between the corporation and the client, perspective client or employee that is receiving the gift.

The Etiquette of Corporate Gifts

When giving gifts especially in the corporate environment the need to follow etiquette is essential. There are rules when it comes to giving gifts in the corporate world and it is important to consider specific factors that help you to determine the type of gift and when to give them. Consider the following elements when looking at the gifts you are giving whether it is to another corporation or part of the gift program your corporation has implemented.

The appropriateness of the gift should be the first thing you consider. You want to make sure you avoid anything that might be considered a bribe, payoff or incentive.

Limit gift giving to appropriate times of the year such as special events and holidays and make sure that the gift fits the established business relationship.

Gifts should not be too personal, too lavish.

It is especially important to pay attention to the appropriateness of a gift when dealing with a new relationship.

The personality of the gift should also be considered. It needs to fit the person you are giving it to, it is important to find out exactly what interests the person or people you are gifting.

In addition, to personality and appropriateness consider the timing of your gift. You will find that in numerous situations the timing of the gift can often be more important and have a greater impact that the item presented. People appreciate when events that are personally significant to them are recognized such as anniversaries and birthdays.

As with anything in business, presentation is essential. Take the time to consider the packaging and wrapping on the gift. Add a handwritten card or take the time to personalize each one if you are supplying gifts to numerous individuals.

Consider the event that you are purchasing the gift for, if it is a personal event such as a birthday and your relationship with the recipient is close enough consider mailing the gift to their home. If not, consider mailing it to their work. This helps to reduce the obligatory feelings that often accompany gift giving.

Finally, when it comes to etiquette it is important to consider whether to bring in brand awareness. This also ties into timing, presentation and appropriateness when it comes to corporate gifts. If you are looking to provide every day gifts that are going to be used regularly and have a purpose in daily, life avoid the temptation of tacking on company information. It takes away from the personalization, feel of the gift, and turns it more into an advertising tool than a gift.

The Do's, Do Not's, and Ethics of Gift Giving In the Corporate World

Navigating the world of corporate gift giving can be tricky. There are a few times and areas to watch out for if you want to avoid raising ethical questions regarding the meaning of your gifts. If you are in negotiations or a bid period this is not a time to be giving gifts. It can raise ethical questions as to the reason why you are giving the gift. It may even be enough cause to have the gift be considered as a bribe or incentive. This thought process could damage your business relationship.

It is important to keep in mind that tax and financial regulations require disclosure and justification for lavish or expensive gifts. Consider the size and value of the gift and make sure to follow regulations in order to avoid issues.

One of the first do's and do not's is to make sure that the gift does not create the wrong impression. Consider your recipient carefully. If the gift could lead to disciplinary action or embarrass your recipient, it is not an appropriate gift.

Corporate gift giving is not usually the time to consider advertising while there are occasions where supplying gifts with the company information can help bring in new customers, create brand awareness or even bring old customers back, these are not usually the same situations you will be addressing when to corporate gifts.

It is not appropriate to give cash as a corporate gift. No matter what the situation it is often considered unethical and no matter what you do or what the occasion is it looks like a cash incentive rather than a gift.

If you are not sure what to get someone as a gift consider gift cards. They allow the recipient to choose what they want from a variety of stores. However, it is important to make sure you obtain gift cards that do not have the dollar amount written write on the front of them. This can detract from the gesture especially if it is publicly viewable. Consider adding a card to help avoid this difficulty.

Food, wines, hard liquor and cigars are often used as corporate gifts. It is important to personalize gift baskets to avoid the generic feel they can often bring. Research your recipient to ensure that you get something they are going to enjoy.

Tickets to concerts, shows and events have been a traditional gift for years however, it is also important to make sure the tickets are to events that are going to be liked which take research into the personal life of the recipient to make sure that they are appropriate to the relationship.

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