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USB Web Button & USB Hub Web Button 


                            USB Hub Web Button        USB Web Button

This is a great marketing tool to present yourself online!

* Just one push on the web button and your website shows up automatically.

* Plug & play and power supplied via USB connection.

* Computer must be connected to the internet when pushing the button.

* These are excellent to hand out as a free promotional item or product add ons


Product dimensions: 65 x 14 x 65 mm.
Colours: Any.
Print method: Pad print.
Packaging: White gift box.


The USB Web Button is a round button, 6CM in diameter. When connected to a USB Port and pressed, it launches a pre-defined website. It can also be used to launch a specific application, as long as it is installed on all computers.

With the purchase of the Web Button we give you a free upgrade to the dual web link!

Here is how it works...

Put your company URL as the first link, and make the second a general useful site like the following:

www.weather.news.com.au/ Gasbuddy.com to get prices in your area,  giving customers Weather forecasts for Australia and the world, including satellite, radar and synoptic charts, marine conditions and more. or to: www.xe.com/ucc/ a universal currency converter, etc...This makes the promotional life and usefulness indefinite!

Your customer will leave your logo and web button their desk and use it every day. You may even want to purchase the web buttons in partnership with another complimentary company... like a pizza place and movie rental companies.

* For banks and insurance industries, use the buttons to link to your online banking services.

* For restaurants or pizza places, use the USB buttons to link to your take out services.

* Use the buttons for weekly online contests for your customers.

* Use the Web Buttons for 'secret URLS" for your best customer’s exclusive offers.

How else can you use it?

The Webpage: One possibility is to have the first link to your homepage. And the second link to an exclusive promotion only available to those with the web buttons?

Better still, why not have the second link show new, updated offers once a month, encouraging people keep the button lying around?

The Portal:

Have a staff/student portal?

A customer relations management tool? Maybe even a central login page? Why not have the button open it for you?


So you’ve employed the best creative’s who have come up with a brilliant idea, shot the video, uploaded it to YouTube, and nothing.

No-one’s noticed it. It hasn’t spread. It isn’t making your product the talk of town. Why not hand-out USB Buttons around the town, linking to the YouTube video, the front page of the publicity-gaining viral game or whatever it is your top marketing agents have come up with? 

USB Web Buttons Q & A

Q: Does it launch a new web page?
A: It launches any 2 web pages you want us to put into it. Existing or new if you create it. To activate the dual the link, you would click to open the first URL and press and hold to open the second URL.

Q: Can it create an icon?
A: No, it simply opens your browser and launches the pre programmed website.

Q: Can I get a virus?
A: Not from the Web Button.

Q: How does it work?

A: It simply enters keystrokes through the USB port. All information is pre-programmed at the factory and does not contain any executable files.

Q: Where do I plug it in?
A: Any available USB port on your computer.

Q: Can I reprogram it myself?
A: No, the information must be programmed at the factory.

Q: Can I send it back to be reprogrammed?
A: No, however you change the HTML in the web page it links to

Q: Is it a mouse?
A: No. It is not a mouse.

Q: Is there an additional charge to program 1 order; 1/2 with 1 set of two websites and 1/2 with another set of 2 websites?
A: Each smart button can only launch two web sites with the dual link upgrade. If you want to split an order between two sets of different web addresses, there will be no additional charge.

Q: How do the colour changing LED’s work?
A: They are driven by the on board controller in the Web Button.

Q: Do the lights flash or glow?
A: They fade in and out when the Web Button is connected. They will flash for several seconds after the button has been pushed, then return to the fade function.

Q: How I assure the end use this will not give their computer a virus?
A: It does not contain files, it can inject a virus no more than typing a letter in a word processor would do.

Q: Can I use this on a MAC and PC?
A: The buttons are available for use on PC’s and Mac’s.

Q: How do I turn it off?
A: You would have to unplug it. It never needs to be turned off. It has no battery; it is powered by the computers power.

Q: What kind of software do I need to install?
A: None, you only need to have an established default browser.

Q: How long will it last?
A: Indefinitely, since the USB port powers it, it does not contain batteries.

Q: Can it break?
A: Just like any other device made out of material, yes. However the chip we use is used in medical devices and computers worldwide so it is VERY reliable.

Q: How long is the cord?
A: 30 to 61 cm depending on what you require.

Q: What do I get for my purchase?
A: A pre programmed Web Button in a box with a very simple instruction sheet, custom printed with your logo.

Q: Can I print more than 1 colour imprint for my logo?
A: Yes, we can pad print up to four individual spot colours or four colour process. (We can actually print more than four spot colours if required but print results would depend on the artwork)

Q: Why should I purchase the Web Button with the 3 hub usb port?
A: Becasue this has all of the functionality of the smart button plus gives the user 3 additional USB ports . This gives your customer an excellent reason to always have it hooked to their computer.

Give us a all to today to discuss pricing and applications to suit you!

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