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Travel Luggage & Accessories

HEalth & Fitness Image Connect offers a plethora of promotional items that make thoughtful travel gifts; with the name of your company and your logo digitally printed on these items; these useful products turn into potent marketing tools. Wherever the traveller goes the name of your company travels with him/her, so can you imagine the branding potential that these promotional items have!

Not only companies that deal with travel, hospitality and customer service sectors but also establishments in industries that are not associated with travel and tourism in any way are waking up to the enormous benefits of offering travel accessories as promotional gift items.

Travel Accessories and Luggage is a promotional product category that offers a variety of top-of-the-line items, all intended to make travel easier and more organised for your employees and clients. This promotional product line also aims to advertise your company and secure it publicity while the product's recipients crisscross the globe. Read more: Gain branding benefits for prolonged periods for a small one time expenditure using travelling accessories!

Products in this range include: Luggage, luggage tags, foldable umbrellas, passport holders, waist bags,cosmetic bags, toilet bags,travel locks, inflatable neck cushions, air travel luggage scale,travel clocks, antibacterial wipes, travel wallets, manicure sets,travel adapter, sewing kit.

Tips for preparing to travel.

Products wil be on line within the next 30 days. In the meantime refer to our suppliers catalogues or give us a call today. Karen: 0416 017 119.

Travel Luggage & Accessories

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