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Tools, Torches & Tape Measures

tools We have a wide range of promotional tools, flashlights and tape measures to meet your marketing goals and delight your customers. You’ll find multifunctional bottle openers, high-end tools and promotional flashlights, as well as emergency and survival tools. Each item will be carefully branded with your logo to provide years of promotional returns.

Tools, flashlights and tape measures are versatile promotional products because they are appreciated by their recipients and not industry specific. Everyone could use an extra flashlight, promotional can opener, knife, or tape measure, so choosing one of these products makes good business sense. These promotional products are also great for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, other athletes.

Our promotional tools, torches and tape measures include, but are not limited to: a large variety of bottle openers, can openers, flashlights, knives, multifunctional tools, tool kits and tape measures.

Products wil be on line within the next 30 days. In the meantime refer to our suppliers catalogues or give us a call today. Karen: 0416 017 119.

Tools, Torches & Tape Measures

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