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Terms and Conditions          

1. All orders placed by the Customer, now and/or in the future are bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2. Local Freight charges are not included for any prices quoted on our website.

3. All orders will be shipped using our account and billed with your order at published rates for that carrier. If you prefer touse your own account, we can accommodate you. Please provide us with the carrier name and your account number.

4. Prior to placing an order, ImageConnect will provide a quotation for the supply of the requested goods which will include all costs including one point delivery, branding, artwork, etc.. Please note that you are responsible for all freight charges for re-deliveries,incorrect delivery details and these are added to the invoice total.

5. Other costs incurred after the order is accepted, will be charged to the customer.ie  changed or multiple delivery destinations,major modifications to artwork, change in delivery date requiring airfreight, change of order specifications,etc. A quote will be given when changes are requested.

6. Minimum order quantities may apply for certain products- and do apply for products sourced from overseas.

7. All orders must be confirmed in writing. Purchaseorders must have an order number clearly shown.

8. Orders cannot be cancelled except upon terms which compensate ImageConnect for all work done and costs  incurred by ImageConnect to complete the order to the date of cancellation.

9. Orders cannot be amended except upon terms as stated by ImageConnect which will include payment for any additional work or expense caused by reason of such amendment.

10. We acceptCheque, BPay or Direct Deposit. All credit accounts must be maintained on a 30 day net basis.

11. We may grant Net 30 day payment terms after reviewing your completed credit application. By placing your order with ImageConnect under these terms, you agree to pay our reasonable attorney or collection fees incurred for the collection of any past due balances on your account.

12. Artwork is to be supplied by the customer in a format as advised by ImageConnect if artwork is not supplied in correct format, artwork charge may apply. Artwork is billed at $50 +GST per hour. Some minor artwork may be done at no cost. If we cannot use the artwork you supplied we will supply a quote for modifying the artwork. Our preferred format for all graphics files are either vector EPS or Adobe Illustrator AI files. images need to be either embedded or supplied as separate files.

13. Proofing.With all types of design, ImageConnect will not be held responsible for any errors found after printing. It is your responsibility to ensure that the artwork is error free during the final stages of production. You will be asked to approve content and design at agreed stages.Approval of your design job will only be accepted when you approve the design in writing via email.

14. ImageConnect doesnot guarantee that all products are in stock or available at the time of order,or that, if the product is available, it is identicalto the advertised product.

15. While all effort is made to match PMS colours it is not always possible to match PMS colours exactly due to differing branding processes and techniques and different product material.

16. It is not always possible to deliver exact quantities if product ordered due to availability, quality control and time constraints and ImageConnect reserves the right to supply quantities plus or minus 5% of quantity of any product ordered and the price payable by the Customer shall be adjusted accordingly.

17. Additional costs/charges may apply to "rush orders".

18. Goods may bereturned if faulty. The Customer must inspect the goods supplied by ImageConnect within 14 days of delivery and any claimsmust be made in writing within that period and no claim shall be made by the Customer outside that period.

19. ImageConnect shall not be held responsible for delays in delivery resulting from acts of God or other circumstances beyond our control.

20. All items shown on our web site containing corporate logos or registered trademarks are shown only to illustrate the logo reproduction capabilities of the companies that produce the respective merchandise displayed on our site. The illustration of any trademark on our site does not constitute any endorsement by ImageConnect on behalf of the owner of said trademark or design.

21. We are happy to provide samples on request. Samples are calculated at the lowest unprinted rate plus postage. You will receive a refund on the sample cost if they are returned to us in it's original condition (including packaging) within 21 days. To order a sample, please call ImageConnect. Pre-production samples of printed branded merchandise are also available on selected products and should be requested at the time your order is placed.

22. Any client with an annual spend of over $5,000 can have any sample sent free of charge These samples must be returned after inspection or they will be charged to your account. All samples provided free of charge are requested to be returned within a 21 day period otherwise they will be billed out to you at the 100 unit rate.

23. ImageConnect prices are excluduing GST unless otherwise stated.

24. Any website errors in listing of the Product name, description, or pricing of any item displayed on this website is subject to database listings and if listed incorrectly due to human error or software error, will be changed as soon as possible to be corrected. If a purchase is made of an Item and it has an incorrect Product name, description, or pricing, then we will notify you immediately upon receiving the Order of the incorrect listing. We are not obliged to sell an item listed with incorrect details in any manner and is part of our Ordering Policy that when making a purchase any item can be withdrawn from sale due to being out of stock or incorrectly listed.

25. Newsletter subscribers who identify themselves to us as subscribers when an order is placed are entitled to $75 credit when their FIRST order total is $500 or more (excluding gst & any applicable delivery cost).

26. We Guarantee Product Quality or Your Money Back.

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