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The art of retaining your top sales people!

There is an art to the recruiting and training of top sales people.

The very best sales associates are not only exemplary customer service representatives and public relations specialists. They have mastered the art of making the sale. Those achieving that status must be valued and appreciated members of your team. They make your business work, thrive. Top sales people may or may not remain with you for years to come. Keeping the assets of good sales associates in your business is vital. If being a top sales person is an art, then retaining such people at your store is also an art. When associates regularly meet or exceed their revenue targets, your business is positively affected by keeping those associates.

Being and continuing to be a top sales person takes a high degree of motivation, and your business should seek ways to keep that motivation before employees. Failure to offer motivations, awards, and incentives leaves the entire possibility of sales to the current mood and projected attitude of the sales person. Efforts taken by the business on behalf of the employee can greatly increase that motivation, thereby improving the attitude of the employee and increasing their chance of reaching sales goals. Some things that affect a sales person include their mood, how they feel, climate of the work place, and the employee's motivation, effort. Benefits, incentives, awards, and recognitions are in place to bolster that attitude and motivation, giving the employee a better chance at success and employer a better chance at profit. .

The first way of reaching, maintaining, and exceeding sales goals is a built-in reward in the form of commission. Whether salary is based in part or in total on sales, the fact that the pay check depends on making the sale awards those motivated enough to go for the tough sells. In addition to salary and commission, another way of awarding successful sales is by putting bonus money on specific items. With this award, every time they sell featured items, it makes the employee a set amount of extra money. These are all built-in awards. They are in place so that on each pay check, there is added motivation to go for the sale. .

Incentive programs can be used to reward top sales associates. These are tangible, in-house perks that can motivate employees to make their best effort just a little better. Incentives are often non-monetary perks that give just a bit more encouragement. Examples may include that for each calendar month, the associate with the highest draw (amount sold) gets to set their own schedule. Prizes such as TV's, cameras, or trips can be used as big rewards for specified sale campaigns, such as Christmas season. Random, single day contests can have smaller prizes such as food gift cards. One silly example may be for the managers to wash the car of the person making the most sales on April Fool's Day. Making an incentive program fun is key. Incentives are not about the money. They are about lifting the spirit and giving that added desire for success. .

Publicly recognizing your successful sales associates is important. Though some employees say they don't care about the recognition, almost all employees are motivated by knowing that they are the best, and that their efforts are appreciated. Giving this recognition and an award can let an employee know they are valued and appreciated, and that their hard work will not go unnoticed. Top sales for a month, quarter, or annual period of time can be awarded, such as a gift card for salesman-of-the-month. In addition to the top person, others should be recognized, possibly the top 10 %. The added sales that come as a result of sales drive is more than enough to compensate for the cost associated with purchasing awards and rewards. The goal is continued sales and retention of the best sales professionals. .

And as a side line, the reason I left the business after we sold it, was that none of the above were done, plus there were constant threats as to what would happen if sales quotas were not made. Needless to say there has been a HUGE turnover among sales personnel at this organisation! Above all, threats do not work with sales professionals!

In addition to the money, the things that truly retain the best sales people and inspire their loyalty are incentives and perks, the recognition and awards. But mostly, the recognition, if that recognition is accompanied by genuine gratefulness and appreciation that is present day-by-day, not just on the day an award is given. When an employee works in an atmosphere where they feel truly appreciated, it makes them want to stay. Customers will see how you value your employees, will appreciate it, and gain loyalty toward your business. 

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