Promotional plastic keyrings

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Promotional plastic keyrings

Plastic Keyrinsg Today one very productive way to advertise to the public and to your clients is through the use of promotional items that are given out as freebies.

Everybody carries keys for their homes, for their cars, office, boats, etc. When a company prints their logo onto a colourful keyring, this item travels around with the user to areas where there are people who will see your brand or ad.

promotional plastic keyrings or pvc of foam keyrings are inexpensive and an effective way to keep your company top of mind with the consumer.

These colourful key rings can come in any shape that suits your business image.

 Promotional key chains come in small, medium, or large sizes so that every type of key holding activity can be covered in this type of high-quality advertising campaign.

Printed promotional plastic keyrings are a very good choice to consider.

You can also consider custom made pvc keyrings that can be made in 3D or any shape and colour that will be unique you your company.

Please give us a call if there is something you want and you cannot find  on our site. Or if you want to discuss getting a custom made keyring.

Plastic or PVC Keyrings

K-125 House Keychain

K-125 House Keychain

A keychain in the shape of a house made from flexible PVC plastic. Colours Available: White
White Rectangular Soft Pvc Keytag

LL102 White Rectangular Soft Pvc Keytag

Rectangle shaped keytag with metal split ring keychain fitting.

LL1021 Rectangular Soft Pvc Keytag

LL1021 Rectangular Soft Pvc Keytag

Rectangular shaped keytag with chrome split ring. z
LL1051 Oval Soft Pvc Keytag

K-124 Oval Keychain

A keychain in the shape of an oval made from flexible PVC plastic. Colours:: Translucent Blue or Solid White
LL470 Rectangular Flashlight Keytag

LL470 Rectangular Flashlight Keytag

  Features strong White light with case push button on back. Button cell batteries included.

Reflective Keyring

Reflective Keyring

A keychain made out of plastic. Safety Reflective Keyring. Kids attach to their school bags and are visible. Can be any shape or size.
K_252 Floating Keyring

K-252 Floating Keyring

A soft foam stres key chain that floats. Great for boating & outdoor activities.

K_221 Oval Acrylic Keyring

K-221 Oval Acrylic Keyring

A clear acrlic key chain with a four colour digital logo inside. The logo is printed on both sides of the keyring.
K-220 Square Acrylic Key Chain

K-220 Square Acrylic Key Chain

A Clear acrylic key chain with a four colour digital logo inside. Logo is printed on both sides.

Custom Floating Keychains™

Custom Floating Key

Create your bright, uniquely coloured and shaped floating keychain. Your imagination is your only limiting factor!

Rubiks keyring

Rubiks Cube Keyring

Mini version of the iconic Rubiks Cube. Easy to carry everywhere, it gives exposure and entertainment to your brand and message.
3D Custom PVC Keyring

3D Custom PVC Keyring

Design your own keyring to suit your logo, campaign or the passion of your customers.

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