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Personalised Keyrings

Metal KeyringPersonalised Keyrings  are used every day by millions of people around the world. Essentially everyone uses keyrings. (Sometimes referred to as keytags!). Everyone uses keys for their house, office, boat, car, storage space, suitcases, storage rooms, spare house keys, etc.

Most people have several keys on different keyrings so they do not have to carry aournd alot of keys at once which are heavy and cumbersome. So keyrings are ALWAYS a welcome gift. 

Personalisedl keyrings account for a high percentage of all promotional product sales. Everyone uses and appreciates them every day while your imprinted message is always close at hand.

Personalised keytags are a common and highly effective way to advertise to the public at fairs, trade shows, business meetings and presentations. Branded quality  keyrings encourage potential customers to find out more about specific products, businesses and organisations.

We have a complete selection of every style, shape, colour and theme at a price that meets your budget. Browse our collection and you'll find the right Kering for your next promotional gift or event at exceptional prices!

You have a choice from High qualiy metal keyrings that are prestiguous and everyone loves to use through to
targeting your customs who have favourite sports or are car fantatics etc. with our themed keyrings. ie Sailing, golf, Automotive.

And then there are the Multi-functional Keyrings that are indispensible. For example, a shopping tote bag, tool kit, screwdrives, Mirror, flash light, compass, USB, pen, therometer, CPR Mask, Eyeglass cloth, Tape measure, etc-- all attached to your keyring for use when required.

Plastic or PVC keyrings are a very inexpensive premium giveaway that gets noticed by alot of consumers and are used daily to ensure that your brand stays top of mind with your customers!

If you do not see what you like here, look through our suppliers catalgues or give us a call and we can
customise keyring shapes that can be designed uniquely and  specifically for your business!

Personalised Keyrings

Metal Promotional

Metal Promotional Keyrings

Quality Metal Promotional Keyrings. We have a large selection of these Keyrings that make great brand reminders or trade show giveaways. All of our keyrings can be custom imprinted or engraved with your company logo. They can come in any size,colour, material or style . 
Plastic Keyring

Promotional Plastic Keyrings

Promotional plastic keyrings are inexpensive and an effective way to keep your company top of mind with your customers. We have a large selection of keyrings that come in any size or colour or stye. 
Leather Keyring

Leather Key Rings

Quality leather Key rings. We have a large selection of these Keyrings that make great brand reminders or trade show giveaways. All of our keyrings can be custom imprinted with your company logo. They can come in any size or colour or stye . 
Keyring with compass

Multifunctional Keyring

These multifunctional keyring are useful promotional keyrings consist of other userful items such as a usb, torch, multi tool, screwdrivers, Folding Cup, torch, pen, whistle, Coin Bag, CPR Mask, tape measure,Poncho for wet weather, flask, glass cleaning wipes, etc
Steering wheel shaped keyring

Wholesale shaped key rings

Ensure that the consumers you are targeting will use the item you are giving them on a daily basis. Target their passions!  Give wholeasle shaped key rings that target specific interests such as Auto enthusiasts, sailing, golf, fashion, etc.
Metal house shaped bottle opener

Keyring can and bottle opener Keyrings

We have a large selection of attention grabbing Keyring can and bottle opener Keyrings. These keyrings consist of a variety of different types and themes suitable for all audiences.  
Custom Keyrings

Custom Keyrings

Would you like to request a product you can't find on our website? Now YOU can! customise your own keyrings. You control the size, style, material, colour and overall appearance of your custom key chain. The possibilities are endless!

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