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Patient Education

Patient education People with chronic disease have multiple needs, including information about their illness and the various treatment options; social support; support with making decisions; and help with achieving behaviour change, for example, changes in diet or exercise.

The purpose of patient education is to help patients make informed decisions about their health and health care and to cope with their illness. We do this by providing information to health carers to give to their patients and their families with education about illnesses and treatments.

We design customised Patient Education Kits. Kits can contain fact sheets, presentations, awareness materials, videos, CD-ROM and more for illness prevention and living a better quality life with some illness.. They are perfect for healthcare professionals to use to provide patients and their caregivers customised materials relevant to their condition, care and recovery.

Our offerings include:

* Welcome kits and discharge packets
* Patient Starter Kits
* Disease management & wellness kits and newsletters
* Fact sheets & flyers
* Brochures
* Reminder emails
* Workbooks and DVD's/videos combined to offer the encouragement, knowledge and resources participants
   need to communicate with their healthcare team, manage their medications and make lasting lifestyle  

We create Welcome Kits/Patient Starter Kits completely customised by disease/category. Each kit contains various educational materials and an assortment of known product samples that specifically benefit the needs of patients in that disease category.

Engaging patients in their healthcare is essential. Vital health information presented in objective, reliable and easy-to-understand ways enables patients to become active participants in their care.

ImageConnect creates educational materials that speak to patients using their language, not complex or specialised terminology.

We create targeted communications that inform and educate patients.

ImageConnect delivers proven communication tools to help you:

* Equip physicians, nurses and pharmacists with relevant patient education materials
* Improve patient compliance with treatment plans
* Increase patient satisfaction
* Patient acquisition
* Differentiate your medical practice,
   surgical centre or hospital and create loyal patients and customers

Anatomical models and charts provide the perfect vehicle to study and explain the internal and external structures of the human body.

We also offer a large range of anatomical models and charts at extremely reasonable prices.

These models are especially valuable to doctors, chiropractors and therapists for patient education; and to medical students and biological science teachers for medical and health education.

Launch your new pharmaceutical products and promote your company to physicians ethically using quality anatomical teaching aids. Anatomical teaching aids provide a sound solution to the dilemma of medically relevant pharmaceutical promotions to physicians.

Anatomy related promotions are used and kept by doctors for years so you will have a presence in their office every day.

Need help developing patient or GP education tools?

Please get in touch with us; we offer numerous other products and the selection on the site is just a small part of the list of products that we provide. Give us a call today. Karen: 0416 017 119 or Pam 0410 411 345.

Patient & GP Education

Patient Starter Kit

Patient Kits

We create Welcome Kits/Patient Starter Kits completely customised by disease and category.

Heart Anatomical Model

Anatomical Models

We carry the diverse range of The 3B Scientific
Anatomical Models
 which are ideal for training, patient education and medical studies
Pills embedded in resin

Products Embedded in Resin

There are a variety of materials that we can embed in resin. These include but are not limited to: wood, glass, metal, card, bone and some plastics.


Anatomical Posters

We carry the diverse range of The 3B Scientific
Anatomical Charts
in poster size which are ideal for training, patient education and medical studies!

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