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Ordering & Shipping Details

Browse through our on-line promotional business website and our supplier’s catalogues and note the name and number of your promotional product or merchandise item that you are interested in.

Once you decide on what you want, contact us by telephone: Within Australia: 0416 017 119.

Outside of Australia: Dial your code for international dial out ( ie for me to call anyone in a country outside of Australia I first have to dial: 0011 Or people in New Zealand would dial: 010) plus the following: 61 2 0416 107 119.

Alternatively if you are calling from a mobile or cell phone try: +61 2 0416 107 119 and you may not need your code for international dial out.

Or email: karens21@live.com and we'll take care of you.

And - if you don't see what you want, please Contact Us so we can find it for you.

We can purchase all products from anywhere to fit your requirements.

Please supply us with the following information for any item you require or want a firm quotation for:

Item Required. (Include code, or product catalogue or description of what is required.)

Your contact details.

Quantity of item.

Date the item is required.

Location (or Locations) items are to be delivered to.

Do you require any branding?

    If yes:

    Please give an indication as to number of colours for your logo, and positions where you require the branding.(     Ie on a shirt positions could be front pocket, sleeve and back of shirt.)

Budget constraints. 

Leave the rest to us. We will get back to you with a firm quote including shipping to meet your deadline.

We ship worldwide!

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