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Non Woven Bags
These Promotional  Bags are used extensively by many organisations world wide because they are an excellent brand reminders.

This range of  promotional bags comes in all of the latest colours, styles, shapes, and sizes.

Any business, organization, or individual can order their choice of  bags with their name, logo, or message printed onto the front and back of the bag.

These environmentally friendly bags are an excellent promotional products because they are often used in the shopping centre where they are seen by many people.

Non-woven promotional bags are environmental friendly bags. They do not contain toxic or poisonous material.  They are made from long fibers which are bonded together by heat. The bags are made from polypropylene which could be recycled, naturally decomposed and completely destroyed without production of and toxic pollutants.

These  bags comes in many different styles targeting different demographics. There are your non woven shopping bags used for shopping or conferences. There are non woven fabric beach bags, elegant non-woven shopping shoulder bags and even a non-woven document shoulder bag. One of the most popular for shopping is the non-woven foldable shopping bag.

All our products are top quality and as always, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are continually adding new products to all of our product ranges.

Non Woven Bag

IT3787 Totecolor
Nonwoven Bag

Nonwoven bag made from 80 Gr/m2 material. Particuarly useful and eco-friendly as a shopping bag. Comes in 7 different colours.
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B294 Non woven Tote Bag
B294 Non woven Tote Bag

22L capacity non woven polypropylene bag with long shoulder handles and V shaped gusset. Comes in 15 colours.

B367 Non Woven Tote Bag

B367 Non Woven Tote Bag 

22Lnon woven polypropelene bag with self fabric overlock schemes and short carry handles. Comes in 5 different colours.

1004 Non Woven Cafe Bag
1004 Non Woven Cafe Bag

Non woven polypropelene bag with front and back slip pockets, baseboard and section dividers. Comes in 5 colours.

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