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Ideal Promotional Items for Trade Show Events

Trade events have long been one of the most efficient and speedy ways of building up a company's reputation and introducing new product ideas to the market. Because these events bring together business representatives with a large audience of potential customers passing out promotional products at these events is an ideal marketing strategy. These products will give the recipient a quick method of contacting your business in the future. Once these products leave the building, they can have an even greater impact on your business. The right promotional items can help to create valuable business relationships, promote brand identity and increase product visibility to those who did not attend the event. Promotional items tend to start up conversations and encourage positive discussions about your business.

Choosing Promotional Items

Because the right promotional products can be vital to business success, the right items need to be chosen. Typically businesses need to go with products that provide a useful function so the items you spend money purchasing or creating do not end up hidden away at the bottom of a junk drawer or trashed. Think of the type of reusable items that will get placed out on desks and kitchen counters or transported between the office and home by briefcase, car or purse. Items such as coffee mugs, ink pens and totes work well at trade events because they function as walking business advertisements.

Multi-function promotional products are also a good idea because they are clever ideas and are more likely to get attention, causing potential customers to stop and check out your booth. These items include duel pen and highlighters, pens and tape measurers and pens with digital clocks. An example of a three function promotional item would be a highlighter, ruler and bookmarker in one. Try to be original and think of products that tie into the services of your business or the type of products offered. Products can also tie into the needs of individuals attending trade events. Customized badge holders, pencils, pens, notepads, water bottles and totes can all be used during the event.

Maximizing Product Exposure

The majority of items passed out at trade events are passed out indiscriminately in large numbers to accommodate the bulk of individuals attending the event. However, this may not be the most effective means of getting your promotional products into the hands of individuals who actually plan on buying from your company in the future. Though you definitely want to get your products into as many hands as possible, the focus should be on getting qualified leads. Qualified leads refer to the decision makers, individuals who have the authority to make purchases. These qualified leads should also include assistants and those who work in close contact with decision makers since they have the power to influence their purchasing decisions. Most businesses handle this situation by offering a small inexpensive item to nonqualified buyers and providing a kit including several reusable items to qualified prospects.

While trying to grab new business with promotional products at trade events do not neglect the power of these items to keep your current customers loyal. In fact, it is a good idea to offer a special promotional product just for current customers, especially if they attend the same trade show. When it comes to current customers wearable items like t-shirts, hats, bracelets and key rings are extremely preferred since they cost a little more and show appreciation while serving as a constant reminder of your business. To impress valuable customers you can even use more lavish customizable items such as a USB flash drive or digital photo frame.

Pricing and Design Features

Ultimately, the promotional products chosen for trade events need to be high in quality but not necessarily high in price. Shop around a bit to compare distributors, their reputations and the deals being offered. Low-end products may save a lot of money but if you purchase coffee mugs that chip or tote bags with poorly constructed handles that rip the product will be quickly chucked into the trash. Go with higher-end products that are constructed for durability instead. Order a product sample if available, and check for distributors that offer guarantees.

At trade events, promotional products need to be professional and bold to stand out from the competition. Before handing off the artwork and logo to the vendor, get a professional to look over it. These digital files are often in the wrong format and size for imprinting, affecting the colour quality and overall look of the final product. If these problems are not fixed before going to the vendor, additional charges could be filed and the product runs the risk of looking shoddy and amateurishly designed. With a professionals help, make sure the message you are trying to convey clearly comes across in all aspects of the final design including the colour scheme, fonts used, size of the logo and spacing. Even the colour of the item being customized makes a big difference in creating a cohesive theme while advertising at trade events.

Just as important, as the type of promotional products given out is the need to ensure all necessary contact information is provided. A pen that only includes the business name and slogan is practically useless for generating sales. Products have to focus on customer convenience; therefore, a contact phone number or website address should be included in all promotional materials so customers can quickly place orders or get more information.

As promotional products have to customized there is a longer wait time when ordering these products than with non customized materials. Therefore, do not wait till a week or two before a trade show or convention to place your order. Ensure your products are on hand by ordering at least two months in advance. Even though you could pay extra and get products rush shipped, this will not be helpful if items are not working correctly such as pens that will not write or inaccurate business contact information. Consider the type of promotional materials that best suit your business, get a crisp design and tailor products to the customer base to make the businesses use of promotional products a success at all trade events and conferences.