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Grab the interests of your customers

A good idea, according to Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point," can be propagated once it is made known to the right people. With it, a buzz should be created, which is a lot easier than it sounds, so people can not only learn about a product but relate to it as well. Giving promotional products happens to be one of the quickest ways of achieving such. Come to think of it, how can anyone resist freebies, right?

What is a Promotional Product?

A promotional product is an item donning a company's name, logo and slogan, which is given for free during corporate events and functions. It is often simple yet useful. Truth is any object can become an item for promotions as long as it suits the company's targeted demographics. A group of IT experts, for instance, would appreciate stylized mouse pads, while a bunch of young professionals would love something rather flashy, say, a shirt or a computerized picture frame.

The logic behind giving away such is to promote a company's merchandise, which is why most promotional items are made for daily use or made to be placed at a visible area - for instance, the office cubicle. Promotional products are quite diverse. In truth, most companies use them as a marketing strategy. So, for a new entrant, being creative with them is encouraged. Settling for the safest choice, which is the coffee mug, isn't always effective nowadays.

Benefits of Giving Away Promotional Items

Promotions carry three huge benefits, which is why companies splurge hundreds of dollars to properly market their products. Such benefits are as follows:

Company Recognition
For most firms, the giveaways are pretty attractive that people are actually looking forward to grabbing them. A pleasantly striking promotional item is something that you would always remember, including its source. So, in that sense, the recipient would recall both the giveaway and the company. Recall happens to influence sales, as the company's merchandise instantly pops up in the customer's mind whenever the need for it arises.

Boost Sales
Promotions, ultimately, are geared toward raising the sales of a company. Promotional products often come in the form of objects that are used or seen daily. Upon seeing such, you are indirectly influenced to purchase the products promoted by them, given your recall for these items.

Enhances a Company's Image
Promotional stuff that looks expensive exudes class, which, in a way, carries over to the company itself. You, upon receiving an elegant freebie, will view the company as if it's reeking with profits. It will also appeal to the upper class customers, such as Class A and B - apart from the actual target market - thus, diversifying the firm's customer base.

Recognition, image and sales are the recipe to a successful marketing strategy. However, before you can reap such benefits, you should devote some time and a lot of thought to selecting the right promotional product. The world is an ocean filled with possibilities. Your job is to extract out the best possible item in that pool. Don't fret! Selecting the perfect item is more fun than tedious.

Picking a Promotional Product

Some coffee shops, recently, have shied away from giving away items directly related to coffee. Before, the norm was to give mugs or other items related to coffee during special occasions. Now the marketing trend, at least for promotional products, has made a more creative turn. They focus not on the product but the marketing campaign of the entire place, which, in the case of coffee shops, is the casual and relaxed lifestyle of coffee drinkers when staying at the store. Some of the more recent items for promotion are planners, discount cards, or even doodle books, which do boost sales. People are actually looking forward to having the promotional items apart from coffee, giving them another reason to troop to a store.

Remarkably, this line of thinking applies to most companies, even those that are totally not related to the beverage industry. When promoting your own products, you can take a page out of the coffee shops' marketing strategy. Here are several factors that you should keep in mind:

It Complements the Marketing Campaign
The target market is the driving force of any marketing strategy, since they are the ones slated to purchase the product. So, like with promoting merchandise, promotional products should cater to the needs of the target market, but in ways different from what the firm actually offers. Think of something useful or visible that appeals to the preferred customer base. In the case of coffee shops, loyal customers go there to relax, read or blend with the homey ambiance. Giving away a planner is brilliant, since it perfectly meshes with both the actual product and the stores' vibe.

Customer Age
With age comes a variety of interests. A middle aged fellow will prefer something serious and useful, like a mug or a memo pad. Young customers, on the other hand, go for things that are trendy. You can go the technological route and provide simple electronic devices, which are quite expensive but exude a lot of company recall, or you can hand out shirts with cool designs.

Customer Gender
Men and women have very distinct tastes. Males are attracted by visually impressive stuff, while females are more on the dainty side. If the prospective recipients of the promotional products have a good number of both men and women, just combine all the aforementioned attributes.

Customer Class
Income brackets spruce up distinct interests and habits. The class A and B crowds love the finer things in life, which means they prefer classy promotional products. The lower classes are more practical, so giving them office or home accessories is a good idea.

Social Groups
Social groups, like book clubs or foundations, are driven by a common cause. If you are to endear them with your company, the items for promotion should suit that cause. That way, they will appreciate the promotional item and hold your company in high regard.

Promotional products, in a nutshell, are means to strike the interests of your customers, setting them up for future purchases. Once you come up with the best item possible, securing loyal clients is as easy as casual conversations.