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Unique Promotional Product Solutions

Collage of Promotional products Our main business is designing and manufacturing unique, custom promotional merchandise.

We specialise in sourcing products direct from China, the USA and from local sources. Many of the items we recommend you may never believe it was possible to purchase at affordable prices.

We offer thousands of promotional products through our website and links to various suppliers catalogues. All items can be branded with the most advance  techniques. If we don't have an item in stock we can generally source it for you within 2 - 2 1/2 weeks! We will help you find the right product at the right price to fit your budget! That is why you will love working with us! We will also give you a fantastic price which is typically 15 -75% below other suppliers including website sales.

If you should happen to  find a cheaper price on any product let us know and we'll do our best to beat it by 5-10%. We have excellent negotiating leverage with our suppliers.

Promotional products are something that have a place in every business marketing plan! Read more on how to choose the best promotional products that will benefit your business!

Promotional products, in a nutshell, are means to strike the interests of your customers, setting them up for future purchases. When promoting your own products, here are several factors that you should keep in mind:..

Using promotional products you want maximum exposure, with high returns, but you do not want to spend your entire years' budget. Right?

Well you have come to the right place!

In addition to the promotional products we suppy, we offer the following services:

     *Stand-out Point of Sale Material (Print, Video, Digital)

     *Creative Graphic Design at affordable prices

     *Premium Promotions. Read More:
       How to create premium promotions that are irresistible to your customers!

     *Gift with Purchase Promotion. Read More:
       Stimulate sales with a Gift with Purchase Promotion

     *Loyalty Programs

    *Staff Incentives

    *High response direct mail/ email/ social media campaigns

    *Conference, tradeshow, events organising/management

    *Cost effective & Environmentally friendly print management

    *Creating and managing consumer & Trade Promotions

We specialise in Patient and GP Educational kits and other educational material for the pharmaceutical market. We have a depth of knowledge of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable relating to the latest Medicines of Australia Code of Conduct Guidelines.

We put you first! If that is how you want to do business, being treated not just as a customer but also as a friend, you've come to the right place! 

 Latest update:

This website is in progress and is updated daily!

Please view our Australian Suppliers Catalogues for products required or ideas for products if you do not find them on our site while our site is being updated!

Please visit again.

For any requirements please call Karen for a quote or for further assistance in finding the ideal products for you at a price within your budget!

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