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Making your next sponsored golf tournament a smashing success!

For those who enjoy golf, tournaments offer an enjoyable way to compete amongst co-workers, increase exposure for your business, or assist a charity in your area. Golf tournaments in the spring and summer are often held as a company tournament, local competition, or charity event. Those who compete in the tournament look forward to the opportunity to show off their skill, but also await the hope of winning the award, the trophy that will be proudly displayed in the winner's home or office. Make the award something they will covet, that they will display for years to come on a desk or shelf. By choosing just the right awards, you may just keep that trophy from collecting dust in some attic.

Crystal is an elegant and beautiful award option that will help your tournament be the desired trophy any gofer would greatly desire. Sizes can vary from small to large, and styles can be traditional plaque or trophy shaped, or is shaped as a vase, a cup, or even a crystal driver. Whether your award is the 18-round winner or runner-up, or the winner of the longest drive contest or hole-in-one winner, crystal can be a great way of showing your appreciation and thrilling the winner. Crystal comes with an area designed for personalization, where the winner's name, date, and event can be etched on the award. A crystal driver sculpture would be perfect for the longest drive award. A crystal tournament trophy cup may be just the ticket for the tournament winner or even the hole-in-one champ.

Another great gift idea that will thrill competitors, attract sponsorship, and be regarded with awe is handcrafted sculptures. Pieces made of pewter, bronze and other quality metals will bring prestige and flare to your event. Many sculptures that are available are images from the early days of golf. There are golf sculptures available that would picture the longest drive, hole-in-one, junior golf tournament winner with a caption such as "Making of a legend," and my favourite, just the thing for a father-son tournament, a sculpture with a man and his maturing son titled, "Passing on tradition."

Another possibility that will bring character to your event is other awards and golf-themed gifts for your winners. Plaque-style clocks, hand-painted ceramic trophies, shadow-box pictures, event logo- stamped pocket watches, and picture-backed plaques are but a few ideas that would individualize your event. Using your sponsorship can make some of these ideas a reality.

Another use for the sponsorship could be golf accessories that are gifts for each of those that have entered your tournament. Some ideas for these entry gifts could be polo shirts, golf balls, bag tags, ball cleaners, driver covers, flasks, umbrellas, coffee mugs, scotch glasses, or duffel bags. For these entry gifts, the event logo and a primary sponsor should be featured on the item. These will add flare and fun to your event.

Your golf tournament can be a smashing success. Be it a local course tournament, a corporate golf tournament, local league, or charity event, the awards that you choose may draw more participants, spectators, and sponsors to your event. Thinking beyond painted plastic trophies and wooden placards will reveal your desire for a quality tournament. See you on the course.

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