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Fun, Leisure & Fitness

kitchen Going to the beach, picnics and outdoor sporting events is one of Australia's biggest pasttimes. We have a great selection of promotional itmes, and accessories that will be highly appreciated and useful for the Autralian outdoors.

These promotional items include: Beach mats, beach shades, beach umbrellas, BBQ Sets,Carry bag with chair, Picnic rugs, binoculars, sport seats, adventure outdoor set, boules, yo-yo, camping cuttlery, BBQ’s BBQ Sets, BBQ Light, picnic table, hammock, picnic chair, stadium seat, cooler seat, beach chair, picnic sets with trolleys, picnic baskets, picnic bags, coolers, party cooler tub, Sunglasses, thongs, flip flops, sports towels, sports sets, fishing set, beach pack, outdoor games pack, kites, Frisbees, beach balls, sports balls, folding seat matts, clappers, whistles, gardening tools, beach bags, dominos, Sudoku games, poker sets, waterproof camera, goggles, hand held fan, Frisbees, inflatable body board, beach mattress, beach towels, beach towel with pillow, outdoor tents, a large selection of pedometers, fitness kits & exercise kits.

Products will be up and online within the next month.

In the meantime please view our suppliers catalogues or give me a call.

Fun, Leisure & Fitness

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