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Corporate Gift A picture says a thousand words.

Put your customer in the picture!

Because everyone loves a great photo, Frames can be used for incentives and corporate events. Use them with sales teams and at conferences. Luckily there are frames available in all shapes, sizes, style and colour and depending on the picture you want to display you can choose the right frame for it.

Pictures frames are the perfect gift because everyone wants to be reminded of someone or something that makes them happy.

Show off your friends and loved ones at your workstation and display your logo at the same time. Choose from tradtional frames for the desk and wall or from our latest in digital frames.
Frames can also be used for baby product promotions, or shopping centres as an incentive for coming into the shopping centre.

Products will be up and online within the next month.

In the meantime please view our suppliers catalogues or give me a call and I can assist you. 0416 017 119.


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