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Direct Mail Marketing Services



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Image Connect will make your next  direct mail campaign a success!

We have the experience to create a powerful "unique selling proposition" that stands out and attracts more prospects.

Let us help you maximise response rates, increase sales and increase revenue.

We provide a full service that combines market and competitor intelligence, careful planning and creative design with high quality production, carefully timed mailings and rigorous project management to ensure that your direct mailing stands out from all of the other junk in the marketplace.

Highly targeted direct mail is a proven, effective medium that is a vital part of the marketing mix.

The advantages of direct mailing are:

    You can precisely target recipients

    You can create a campaign to fit large or small budgets

    Direct mail can happen fast. With a campaign to a selecte target audience, you can acquire a mailing list,
    develop mailing materials, launch a mailing and start to receive results in just a few months.

    You can test different offers to reveal the most potent message. By making a different offer to randomly
    different portions of your mailing list, you can see which offer gets the better results

    You can measure the results from the campaign

 Look to ImageConnect to:

    Guide list selection and purchases to hit your targets
    Plan your campaign with proven methods and original insights for your brand and offer

    Design and execute each campaign with techniques that will give you well above average response rates

    Print and mail on time, on budget - with the highest quality at competitive prices

We can provide one-off mail shots or complex national campaigns

We handle all database maintenance and all fulfillment required

Please give us a call to discuss how we can help you!

Karen: 0416 017 119 or Pam: 0410 411 345

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