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Custom Products

With a little bit of planning and not being forced to order something at the last minute,you can get unique custom promotional items that will definitely make an impression and stand out from items your competitors are giving away!

And you will save HEAPS of money!

USBs, Patient and GP educational Kits, Bags, caps, pens,drink bottles, specialised tin boxes, surgeon theatre caps or just about anything can be custom made to your specifications. (This is sometimes referred to as indent products).

For example we can design and manufacture USBs in any shape!

Our promotional USB devices not only can be branded with your company but can also be designed in any 2D or 3D shape. Some examples might include drink packaging, credit cards, people, houses, cars, thermometers, syringes, etc. 

Custom Shape USB

We can design and manufacture anything-with your imagination being the only limiting factor!

We have the resources and expertise to develop and deliver unique products especially for you.

Our capabilities include both domestic and import options.

We offer HIGH QUALITY and COMPETITIVE Custom Products at affordable prices.

Pre-production samples are always provided for approval prior to running bulk production.

We guarantee the quality of all goods delivered to you!

Delivery times can vary from as little as less than 2 weeks to approximately 10 weeks depending on the item and the quantity required.

Please note that minimum quantities apply for custom orders or products manufactured overseas. The quantity will vary depending on the item.

Get in touch with us today to talk about your next customised promotion!
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