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Computer Accessories & Technology

Webcam connected to computer From Wi-Fi detectors and high-capacity flash disk drives to basic mouse pads, ImageConnect has the latest in computer and digital media promotional products. For high-end gifts, we feature the most up-to-date collection of sophisticated flash drives, digital cameras and web cams. For promotional computer and media accessories we offer a wide selection of keyboard and monitor accessories, CD cases, as well as mouse pads in every style and price range.

Each new computer accessory provides great opportunities for their use as promotional products. From the simplest accessories like monitor cleaner brushes to highly sophisticated video players and digital frames each of these products can be used for a target audience of potential customers or gifts to existing clients.

Our promotional products include, but are not limited to: US Eco buttons, USB web buttons, USB hub web buttons, USB hubs, mouse pads, flash drives, laptop accessories, mouse pads, mice, CD carrying cases, monitor note clips, computer cleaners and desktop digital picture frames, webcams, cables, carry cases, laser pointers, MP3 & MP4 Players, wireless headphones, sportsman binoculars with digital camera, stereo earphones, portable speakers, WI-FI Detector, USB travel light, battery chargers, digital voice recorders, PowerPoint presenters, cordless mice.

Products wil be on line within the next 30 days. In the meantime refer to our suppliers catalogues or give us a call today. Karen: 0416 017 119.

Computer Accessories & Technology

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