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Diaries & Compenduims

Leather Compendium
Are you looking for the perfect promotional item for your customers and potential customers?

If so, then you should definitely consider compendiums and diaries.

It's been said that "Organization is the key to quick thinking." A diary helps to organize your thoughts, while a compendium helps to organize your day.

That's why such items make the perfect promotional gifts for people who are already your customers, and those people who could become your customers.

Think about the time and effort that we waste during the day, simply because we weren't organized. In the business world, this can translate into big bucks. What's the solution? Get organized! Promotional diaries and compendiums can definitely help. Your clients and potential clients can use a compendium to remember what to do on a particular day, or use a diary to remember what they did during the past day. 

Compendiums are also the perfect conference gift to attendees so they can organise all of the bits for the conference. Within the compendium many companies include a customised printed writing pad, a printed pen with the company’s logo. You can also include a shirt or cap in the compendium along with the lanyard with the name for entrance to the conference.

Diaries & Compendums are gifts that keep on giving day after day!

This category contains various compendiums and compendium folders and organises that are either leather or synthetic, premium to budget range. A4 and A5 size. Zippered and non zippered. With and without 3 ring binders. For diaries we have a range varying in all styles and sizes- custom made to your requirements.

Read more: Why both Diaries & Compendiums make wonderful business gifts!

Products will be online during the next 30 days. In the meantime please view our suppliers catalogues or give me a call and I can assist you with any of your requirements.  0416 017 119.

Diaries & Compendiums

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