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Bushmans Insect repellent

Best mosquito Repellent

   BU60A:      60g
            BU130A:   130g
            BU 225A:  225g                  

 Bushman Insect Repellent

Bushmans insect repellent is the best mosquito repellent as well as the most effective personal insect repellent Since 1990 Bushman Insect Repellent has been protecting outdoor professionals, sporting enthusiasts and overseas travellers from blood-seeking, disease carrying Insects. Repels: Mosquitoes · Sandflies · Ticks · Leeches · Sand Fleas · No-See-Ums · Marchflies · Horse flies · Bird Lice Stableflies · Blackflies · Gnats · Fleas · Deer Flies Scottish Midges ......... With up to 15 hours* protection from one single application, Bushman stands out as the most effective, longest lasting insect repellent available. It even feels great and smells nice, making Bushman very user friendly. Made in Australia, Bushman Repellents which is the best mosquito repellent is now exported to 24 Countries. For maximum protection from mosquito borne diseases such as Malaria, Ross River Fever, Dengue Fever, West Nile Fever and Eastern Equine Encephalitis... There is only one choice… Bushman Insect Repellent Proven Safe and Effective since 1990

Aerosol cans. Without Sunscreen. 80g, 130g or 225g Size.

Prices: Call for pricing.

To order call 0416 017 119 or email

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