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Badges & Lanyards

Lanyard with badge tag Customized products are a form of constant advertisement, unlike other channels used for marketing which are only around as long as money is being pumped into the campaign, when you invest in customized products; chances are that some people may preserve and use these items for years and when they do get them out; these customized products will have the same potential for advertising as they had years ago. A lanyard or badge with the company's name and logo on it serve as a constant reminder for you and your employees of what you are trying to offer your customers and the company's goals.  Read more: Why giving badges and lanyards as promotional items can reap long term benefits.

These can also be used at an event that the company is hosting or participating in. For instance, many companies host sporting events these can be a marketing gimmick that includes customers and partners or it can be an intra company event to boost the morale of the employees; custom products are always a hit at such events. If the company is hosting an event or participating in a public event like marathon; custom badges can prove valuable for brand recognition.

New products will constantly be added to his category. So check back often. In the meantime, please view our suppliers catalogues or give me a call and I can assist you. 0416 017 119.

Badges & Lanyards

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