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Why use 3M Post-it notes as promotional items?

Often imitated but never duplicated the 3M Postit notes have been around since 1980. In 1998 a survey done of more than 1000 US employees determined that on average a worker received at least 11 posit notes a day that is a lot of paper. It is no wonder that 3M postit notes make ideal promotional items.

Postit notes for promotion are great for business use; hand out a few of those to clients and your name sticks everywhere. There are few better means to promote your name or your message than having your name on a reminder that people can’t resist reading, the postit note. Pharmaceutical companies are the most obvious example of how effective this advertising method can be they give out free prescription pads to doctors which keeps their brand in the front and on something the doctor uses daily. That same concept (only better because everyone reads postits) applies to postit notes for promotion in business. They get sent to other executives, tacked to files for the secretary, attached to contracts and that means your name, your company, your logo will be literally everywhere in that office and sometimes beyond.

3M postit notes would be great for promotional items if the concept stopped right there and were only for office use. Businesses would still love them and use them and the advertising budget would thank you but it doesn’t stop at the office. The postit note was sample tested in 1978 and the average consumer not only approved of the product but 90% said they would buy it themselves, and they did and continue to do so even today.

Because the average postit note in a home has a life span of several weeks it will stretch the promotional dollar further than traditional advertising which may last a day in the paper and then is history and forgotten. The cost of the postit note even the personalized type is part of what made the postit note so popular in homes and businesses and part of why it can be a successful promotional item. The purpose of the postit note is a reminder and a business logo or promotional message on the reminder to walk the dog, order pizza or prepare the monthly report well, that is priceless.

Imagine your 3M postit note with your logo or your message sticked to the refrigerator, sticked to the dog, hanging from the computer or to the closet door. That is where the postit note can be, and it certainly sees daily use in many homes. Pens may be lost and forgotten though they are handy, promotional calendars may hang on the wall or sit on the desk and not be noticed but a postit note demands attention and people give it willingly. After all the postit note is to remind them to remember, why not encourage them to remember you as well?

For years the little yellow 3M postit note was the standard but these days the postit note can come in varying colours and sizes, large and small. Cute little postit notes for the lady of the house or large sized postits for older people. Choose your company name to dominate the postit note, choose a funny or inspiring message, or just choose to place your logo on the postit note and you still have a unique and sticky promotional item that will not be ignored.

In business today maximizing the impact of your promotional funds is vital. Give it the most impact possible by choosing 3M postit notes as promotional items. Instead of short burst of interest or a time when your company name or motto is in front of everyone make it last and become self renewing. Think about it how many postit notes attached to important papers pass from one desk to another with the postit note (usually important information) intact. That one note can have 5 viewers in some offices and that is just from one postit note off of a pad all bearing your company name.

Whether your product or company is for home use or office use, you will find that a postit note bearing your company name, contact information or even your website will stay in the front of people longer and bring you more brand recognition for less cost. More efficiency means more profit and these days few businesses can afford to pass over an opportunity for efficiency and profit.