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Gain branding benefits for prolonged periods for a small one time expenditure using travelling accessories!

The proliferation of the internet has made travel considerably simpler than what it was twenty or thirty years ago when a person would have to wait for weeks or even months to purchase an air ticket. Today, people can buy just about everything they need to make their travel comfortable and even enjoyable. It is no wonder than that there has been an exponential increase in the number of people travelling today to destinations of their choice for business as well as pleasure. This has also opened up new doors for marketing and promotional initiatives which can be undertaken by offering travel accessories as promotional gifts.

Image Connect offers a plethora of promotional items that make thoughtful travel gifts; with the name of your company and your logo digitally printed on these items; these useful products turn into potent marketing tools. Wherever the traveller goes the name of your company travels with him/her, so can you imagine the branding potential that these promotional items have!

Not only companies that deal with travel, hospitality and customer service sectors but also establishments in industries that are not associated with travel and tourism in any way are waking up to the enormous benefits of offering travel accessories as promotional gift items.

Unlike other forms of marketing at the airport where the traveller or potential customer is merely a passive watcher and you would only find a few people who would actually watch your advertisement attentively; when a promotional gift is offered, the customer/receiver becomes an active participant in your marketing campaign with the gift item working as a small incentive.

Most travel accessories that are offered as promotional gifts are highly functional and inevitably find their way into the bag of the receiver and each time the potential customer uses the gift item or even opens the bag, he/she is reminded of your company and its products. As a matter of fact, some of these travel accessories can be used for years by the receiver giving your company immense branding benefits for prolonged periods for a small one time expenditure.

While the range of travel accessories that can be used as promotional gifts is almost limitless; among the most popular and well received choices are a duffel bags, passport wallets and travel pouches; you can take your marketing campaign international as these promotional items that bear your logo and the name of your company are taken to various terminals and ports. These items make the receiver's journey more convenient and easier so you can be sure that they will be taken along wherever the receiver goes.

Other promotional products offered my Image Connect include maps and atlases; these are remarkably effective if your company offers it services on foreign shores. For instance if you have a car rental establishment; a map of the city or country that potential customers are travelling to will be greatly appreciated while garnering a lot of attention from fellow travellers.

The Travel Accessories and Luggage category of promotional products also includes items like first aid kits, umbrellas, travel wallets, toiletry kits and many other top of the line products that will certainly wow your customers. The first aid kid when given to clients and potential customers shows them that your company cares for their well being and that of their loved ones.

These promotional gifts can also work like a charm when used at corporate events including outdoor marketing or promotional gatherings. State of the art digital printing technology makes it possible for us to print your logo and/or company name on a range of items in true colour, making the promotional offerings functional as well as attractive.

Luggage tags are also a part of the travel and luggage promotional products category; these are available in a variety of materials; the ones manufactured from PVC or leather are quite popular; these attractive luggage tags can be used on suitcases. Colourful luggage straps are also ‘must have' travel accessories; these low cost items help people to keep their luggage close when travelling and will be used by your customers for years to come, greatly increasing their promotional value.

Apart from first aid kits, emergency sewing kits are also considered very thoughtful; we all know what a pain it can be to take care of ripped clothes when in transit and these handy sewing kits have all that a person needs to quickly take care of a nasty and embarrassing rip or even replace buttons lost in travel. If you want to offer a promotional gift to long distance travellers, look no further than the inflatable neck pillow. These excellent products offer your employees and customers a way to ease neck and shoulder pains while travelling and are available for a fraction of their retail cost.

You can also gift your customer’s disposable cameras with your logo on them; your clients will appreciate the little device that helps them to capture precious moments from their trip. Travel adaptor sets are also incredibly useful; particularly if your customers or employees are headed to faraway lands. These adaptor sets can now be used in almost all countries and are very handy.

Travel locks and hand held weighing scales can further add to the convenience of your customers; Image Connect also offers a myriad of car emergency kits; from the regular version which includes items such as a flashlight, bandages, gloves, pens etc to the high end versions which have an assortment of items that will prove remarkably useful in case of a car emergency.

Image Connect also features several other promotional items in the travel and luggage category including shoe shine kits, sunglasses, cosmetics, stop watches, travel blankets, towels, T-shirts, beach accessories, binoculars, travel mugs, world clocks, manicure sets, antibacterial wipes, passport holders and much more.

Since this promotional items are very functional, not only do you get unparalleled promotional value from them but also your customers will appreciate your concern and effort so offering them is also a fabulous way to earn customer loyalty.

Image Connect also offers a host of customized items manufactured to the client's specification and we give you some of the best rates for promotional products in the industry, so get in touch with us today to enjoy the benefits of these small items that can offer huge brand recognition results.

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