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Giving promotional gifts to children can help your business

Giving promotional gifts to children can help your business

When you are out promoting your business, you will find that many of your potential clients or customers are family people. You will see that they bring along their children to trade shows and other business places. In order to win them over and get their business you need to appeal to the children in their life. After all, if the child is happy then the parent is happy. If you are the one making that child happy, you will find that the parent will bring his business to you. This helps to get repeat customers.

Attracting the attention of children to get parents into your place of business can include all sorts of businesses. Restaurants, Doctors offices, Airlines, Hairdressers, Nail salons, Hardware stores, Shopping centres, etc.

Grab their Attention

Giving promotional items to children can really help your business. The key is to find the right promotional items that will draw kids in which in turn pulls the parents in. There are so many promotional toys out on the market that appeal to small children and even older children. The toys help to keep the child amused.

The first thing you need to do is set up something that will grab the child's attention, drawing him over to your business. Balloons work well for this. You can use balloons with your company logo printed on it so that your name will still be around the parents for days until the balloon pops or runs out of air.

Keep them Busy

Once you pull in the children and parents, you want to give the child something that will entertain them or occupy them. Many children love crayons and colouring pages. You can offer a contest for children to see who can colour the best picture and then pass out small promotional crayon boxes with your business name on it. Offer a colouring page that might have your company logo or mascot on it.

You can then have a table where the children can sit and colour their pictures so that they can enter them into the contest. While the child is busy colouring, it is time for you to talk to mom and dad. You are showing your potential clients that you have a love for children and that your business is child friendly. Parents will shy away from companies that are not child friendly as it makes more work for the parent to entertain their child.

Give them a Reason to Come Back

Make the contest end a week or so later so that you can ensure that the family will have to come back to see you to return the picture and/or to see if their child won the contest. You can offer the child who wins the contest another cool promotional toy and kick in a coupon or discount for the parents so they will have an incentive to use or purchase your products.

Types of Promotional Items for Children

There is a wide variety of promotional items that are made specifically for children. There are ones that make noise and move around as well as ones that will feed their mind such as puzzles and cards. It is important to have a variety of items that will work for children of all ages. Have some that are for the "little ones" and have some that will entertain older children such as a deck of cards.

There are stuffed animals that can wiggle or walk when a string is pulled and there are yo-yo's and noise makers that will be great for little ones to hold in their hands. You can have each item decorated with your company logo and contact information on it so that your name will be around in their house for as long as the toy is around.

A deck of cards is a great item that can be used by children and adults over and over again. You simply have your log imprinted on the back side of the cards so that each and every time they are used for a card game, your name stands out.

Puzzles are also a great way to entertain children for hours at a time and you can choose from brain teasers, sliding puzzles and even a 50 piece puzzle that has to be put together with your company logo on it. All of these products are great ways to advertise your company, not only to the family that takes the promotional item home but to their friends that visit as well. Giving promotional items to children can really help your business.