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Auto Accessories & Your Brand - Promote Your Business with Something Practical

Today, even items that have been considered essential to business operations and branding are being challenged. For instance, paper business cards are becoming outdated as businesses trade them in for plastic cards that look much like credit cards but serve the same purpose of the outdated paper cards.

The same thing is happening with promotional items used to promote business brands. Items that are cheap and easy to hand out are becoming outdated while newer items like auto accessories become massively popular. This isn't about price wars or the bottom line. It's about a shift in what consumers demand and expect from businesses they favour.

Delivering Real Value!

When you hand out a cheap promotional item with your business information on it most people will never look twice at it. They will be lost at the bottom of some kid's toy box before you can turn the lights out on your business for the night.

This is because some cheap promotional items don't provide real value to customers. That's why it is more practical to give out auto accessories that are really valuable to others.

Consider the difference when you hand someone an emergency flare kit. They are likely to hang onto that because it provides real value to them beyond your branding information.

Money Never Wasted!

You want to offer practical promotional items that are actually going to be used; otherwise you are just wasting your money. Practical doesn't have to be expensive. Consider a few options that are light on the budget yet very useful for everyday people:

* Insurance card or identification holders

* Reusable trash bags for inside vehicle use

* Emergency flare kits

* First aid/band-aid kits

* Street directories

* Car organisers

The options are practically endless. Anything that can be useful inside a vehicle can make a great promotional item for your brand.

If your business is directly related to the automotive industry then you can probably think of a million things to imprint with your branding information. If your industry has nothing to do with automotives, then get creative and think of something that may bridge the gap between your business and the inside of your customer's vehicles.

For instance, a salon marketing tanning services and pedicures may hand out flip-flop shaped air fresheners designed to hang on the front rear-view mirror. This serves a practical purpose for the customer and puts the branding information directly in front of their face every time they get into their vehicle.

A Note on Expenses!

Okay, so having specially shaped air fresheners to dangle from customer's mirrors may be a bit more expensive than your business can afford right now. It is important to get a lot of different ideas, whether they are practical and affordable or not. The more expensive ideas could be used for special promotions to customers or clients who bring you a lot of business while cheaper options are given freely as main branding campaigns.

Get the ideas down on paper and then start getting pricing estimates on your best options. You will find some are really great ideas but price themselves out of your budget while others are substantially cheaper than you expected them to be. You never know what you are going to be able to afford until you get the ideas down then start looking for providers.

ImageConnect has made it possible for clients to afford items they initially considered outside of their budget. Give us a call and we can explain how we are able to do this.

Beating the Competition!

When you consider auto accessories to be used as promotional and branding items, make sure you aren't using the same outdated ideas that many of your competitors are using. Find affordable options that will make your business stand out from the others.

For instance, if you notice some of your competitors are now handing out cheap plastic cups with no lids, go for a sports bottle designed to fit snug into the drink holder of most vehicles. For your best customers, go for a stainless steel coffee mug that can be washed and reused for many years.

Letting Everyone See!

The reason auto accessories are the best branding items you can purchase has to do with the mobility of cars. Your customers are in their vehicles more than they are in their homes on some days. They drive those vehicles literally everywhere and thousands of other people see them every day.

Think of ways to get your branding information somewhere on the upper portion of as many vehicles as possible. You want your name dangling from their rear-view mirrors and your business name splashed boldly across sun visors blocking the heat from their front seats every day at work.

You want your branding information somewhere that it can actually be seen by others on a daily basis. Yes, you are giving your customers and potential customers something practical that they can use, but you are also using them as moving billboards.

If you select your automotive promotional items correctly, you can have your business information all over the place in a very short period of time. All of the keys have been presented to you right here:

1. Give items that have a practical purpose in daily life.

2. Don't settle for items just because they are cheap.

3. Look at what your competitors are doing and make sure you are doing something better.

Remember, cheap doesn't mean a thing if what you are handing out is ineffective and useless. Auto accessories can actually be used and they become moving billboards. You can't pass up that deal!