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Why give Desktop Gifts as Promotional Products?

In this day and age of multiple brands and products, it can be quite hard to leave a lasting impression on your consumers' minds. Many times, your product just gets lost in the thousands of items being offered in every supermarket, grocery, and shopping mall. If your company offers a particular service, there's always competition that seems to offer the service better or faster than you do.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make your customers recall your product or service better. Some companies use memorable television commercials, creative print ads, or catchy radio jingles. Some bombard you with email announcements every day. These methods can be quite costly though and can take lots of effort to do.

That's where promotional products come in. Every customer loves getting more than what they paid for. Everyone loves a freebie, whether it is a free sachet of conditioner to go with the favourite brand of shampoo you buy or the free iced-tea that comes with the dinner you order at your favourite café. Everyone likes getting an extra something without having to put in the extra money or effort to do so. This becomes a good thing for your product or service because customers have the tendency to remember the companies or establishments that give them more for their money.

If you're thinking of the perfect promotional product to give away with your product or service, consider desktop gifts. Desktop gifts as a promotional product are an ideal product to use in order to instil recall of your brand or establishment with your customers. This is because desktop items usually last for a long time, customers who display them see these promotional products on their desks every day, and desktop gifts are usually easy to source out and cheap to order when bought in bulk. Just remember to print, engrave or etch your company logo or company name on the promotional product of your choice.

Here are some examples of desktop gifts that can be used as promotional products:

1. Paper Weights
All desks need paperweights to hold down pieces of paper, bills, or important files. Print your brand logo or company name on a nice glass or stone paperweight and you're sure to get into the minds of your customers every time they sit at their desk and shuffle their papers around. For more recall, try to have your paperweight made in a loud colour or an interesting shape so as to catch more attention.

2. Ball point pens
A complete desk always has writing materials or instruments. Print your brand logo or company name on ball pens and give them away as promotional items. Whenever your customers use your promotional pen, they are likely to see your logo or name on it, which will help with recall of your brand or company.

3. Desk Notepads
Print out your logo, company name or even your company motto on each piece of paper on a notepad and give these away as promotional products. Every time your customers have to jot down a grocery list, errands list, notes for a presentation or anything at all, they are sure to see your logo or company name printed on the paper they are writing on.

4. Picture Frames
People love putting pictures on their desks, whether of their families, loved ones or award-winning business moments. Desktop gifts that you can give away as a promotional item are picture frames. So, every time your customers look at the pictures displayed on their desks, they will also inadvertently see your company name or brand logo printed on the picture frames that their pictures are framed in.

5. Desktop Calendars
People need calendars every year to keep track of the passing time and also to take note of the things they need to do within that time. Desktop calendars with your brand logo or company name printed on them are ideal promotional products. When used, your customers will have no choice but to see your logo or name every time they jot something down on their desktop calendar, or when they look at it just to check the date.

Whatever type of desktop gift that you choose to use as a promotional product, it is always important to remember to place your company name or brand logo in an area of the product that is easy to see at one glance.

Always put your logo or name at the front area, and in as many areas as you can. This will ensure that your customers see your brand or name as many times as possible, therefore giving your company or brand better recall.

This is especially true for desktop gifts that are used in office desktops as an average worker stays at his or her desk for at least eight hours a day, five times a week. That's countless opportunities for your company name or brand logo to be imprinted in their minds.