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How to Choose the Perfect Promotional Product Mug

There are literally thousands of promotional products to choose between but mugs are among the most popular option. Unlike some of the trendier products being used, mugs have long-lasting appeal and have proven their ability to stay relevant. In fact, these cups are clever and smart marketing tools that can be utilized daily. These practical products are used while drinking coffee, tea, water and other substances and increase visibility of the brand since they are transported back and forth between the office, car and home among other locations. When it comes to promoting your business, either large or small choosing the perfect mug for the business is key to gaining exposure.

Material Choices

Before placing an order for these promotional products, businesses have to decide on the type of mugs they want to use. Ceramic style mugs, those that resemble the traditional style of coffee cup are among the most popular. The biggest advantage of this type of mug is the assurance that it will be used often and can handle hot liquids such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Ceramic drinking vessels have the most options for colour and text customization. Ceramic designs also feature high gloss finishes and can support a large number of text as well as graphics. The only down side to ceramic mugs is that sometimes, these cups can become chipped and are heavier than some other types. This problem can be minimized however, by choosing premium mugs.

Acrylic mugs are a nice alternative for those seeking a more durable product and are often given away at tradeshows. Travel mugs on the other hand allow promotional products to be seen while travelling. The sleek cool designs will also get your logo attention and the insulation and easy grip handles or custom grip designs ensure the recipient will want to use the mug daily. Travel drinking cups can be found in stainless steel, metal and plastic. These materials ensure the product will continue looking new for a long time. Another popular alternative to ceramic mugs is glass. Glass drinking vessels offer a sophisticated and fancy look and since the glass is transparent, eyes will be instantly drawn to your companies' message. These mugs are often used as beer mugs and are most frequently used when throwing parties or other special business events. The design can incorporate, frosted glass, different shapes and a range of colours to make the logo really pop.

While choosing mugs as promotional products remember to consider the quality of the materials and review extras that represent your business interests or make the mug longer lasting and more useful. For example, eco-friendly cups are a great option for supporting a green business. Microwave and dish washer safe mugs will get the most mileage.

Budget and Design Considerations

When first comparing mugs you should have a budget already planned. However, you should also remain flexible. Though extra features such as additional text and different finishes may cost more, businesses can find large discounts by buying in bulk.  Mugs often pay for themselves by prompting awareness for the company, brining in new business to boost sales and encouraging customer and employee loyalty. Therefore, it pays to spend a little more to ensure a high-quality product.

Make sure the mug size and material you choose can accommodate all the information you need to include on the mug. Standard mugs may include some combination of business name, logo, telephone number, website, email address, mailing or physical business address. Some of these promotional products also include a vision statement, inspirational quotes and even cartoons. Mugs have a limited space for placing information and you want to avoid having the mug look too busy which will make the eyes drift away from it. Consider what business information is vital to include on the mug and add it. The colours used in the mug can even be customised to match up with the business logo. Mugs can even be packaged with other promotional products such as company t-shirts and pens. To make the gift even more useful packages of tea, coffee, and snacks can be placed inside the mug.

Among promotional products, mugs are one of the most noticeable and visible forms of marketing. The versatility in style, pricing and materials suits every type of business and every budget. Use branded cups to show client appreciation, recognize employee performance, pass out at tradeshows, use during conventions, give as holiday presents and offer as prizes for promotions. Once ordered mugs can be used in an endless number of creative and fun ways to raise brand awareness of business services or products.