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Highlighters & Pencils

IT3885 coloured pencils Promotional highlighters and pencils are excellent marketing tools. They are a versatile choice for any business or organisation. They can be used to promote any industry.

Everyone has need for highlighters and pencils. At the end of the day  pencils are still distributed by the millions, they provide advertising exposure to millions for as little as a a few cents each. While not providing a permanent inscription, we all still love them for their simplicity of form.

Please give us a call if there is something you want and you cannot find  on our site.

Additional highlighters and pencils will be added to our website within the next 30 days. In the meantime please browse through our suppliers catalogues if you do not see what you are looking for on our site.

Highlighters & Pencils

G1089 Max Keyring

P-363 Highlighter

The samsosir highlighter. Size: 67mm long. Available in Pink, Blue, Orange or Yellow.
Call for pricing.

K-212 3 colour highlighter

K-212e 3xColour Highlighter

A 3-colour combination highlighter made with biodegradeable plastic featuring yellow, pink and green.
IT3878 plastic highlighter

IT3878 Plastic Highlighter

Plastic highligter in yellow, orange or pink.
Size: 14 x 1.8 x 1.8 cm

IT3453 Highlighter pen with memo pads

IT3453 Highlighter pen with memo pads

Highlighter pen with attached yellow memo pad with 100 pages. Size: 14.7 x 1.8 x 1.8 cm
IT3885 Colotin Colouring pencils.

IT3885 Wooden Colouring pencils.

12 wooden colouring pencils presented in a cylindrical tin container. Pencil sharpener included.
KC6241 Funny character headed pencil

KC6241 Funny Character  Pencil

Funny character headed pencil. Size: 17 x 0.4 cm. Available in 5 bright colours.

P32 Full length pencil wih eraser

Full length Pencil wih Eraser

P33 Sharped Half Length Pencil. Wood. Available in a variety of colours. Inexpensive way to get your brand noticed.
P33 Half Length Pencil

P33 Half Length Pencil.

P33 Half Length Pencil. Wood. Available in a variety of colours. Great for an inexpensive brand reminder that will be used.