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Environmentally Friendly Pens

Promotional  pens are used by every type of organisation world wide because they are one of the best brand reminders available. Everyone uses pens. Promotional pens appear to all users.

Our promotional environmentally friendly pens come in all of the latest colours, styles, shapes, and sizes.

Any business, organization, or individual can order their choice of writing environmentally friendly pens with their name, logo, or message printed onto the pen barrel.

Biogreen products are made from environmentally friendly plastic which will biodegrade in a regular landfill within 18-60 months. BioGreen products are perfect for any eco friendly campaign. We can make just about any plastic item with with Biogreen. So just give us a call!

Help save our environement- when giving pens as a promotional item, give environmentally friendly pens.. With some of these pens they look and write better than traditional pens made from plastics or metals.  

All our products are top quality made and as always, customer satisfaction is                                                 guaranteed.

Additional products will be added to this category within the next month.                          

Environmentally Friendly Pens

prodir Pens

prodir Pens

Swiss Made
A writing instrument that, thanks to the use of renewable materials, is environmentally friendly and also personalisable with 5 natural colours.
P700 Eco Paper Pen

P700 Eco Paper Pen

Eco paper pen. Eco friendly pen with both barrel and plastic fittings made from recycled materials. Parker style refill Available in 4 different colours.
P-384e The biogreen Moorea Pen

P-384e The Biogreen Moorea Pen

A click action ballpoint pen made with biodegradeable plastic. Pen size: 140mm long. Available in 4 different colours.
P606 Nova Corn Starch Pen

P606 Nova Corn Starch Pen

Twist action ball pen, made from biodegradable plastic, frosted finished. Available in 6 different colours.

Premier Collection Bamboo Pen and Pencil Set
An environmentally friendly pen and pencil set. Both pen and pencil are made from natural bamboo and feature satin chrome accents.

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