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Small Vicki Harding Hand Painted Didgeridoo

Small Vicki Harding Hand Painted Didgeridoo

Product Sizing: 28cm w x 36cm h x 9cm 

d.Key: F#

Length: 90cm 

Weight: 2kg

Timber: Australian Eucalyptus

Mouthpiece: Australian Beeswax

Free DVD so you can learn how to play the Didgeridoo. 

It is fun and easy! Impress your friends! ;

$ Request Quote including branding and volume > 1

Price: $00.00  including GST excluding branding.


To order call 0416 017 119 or email

About this didgeridoo: This Australian didgeridoo is made from termite hollowed Eucalyptus from the Northern Territory in Northern Australia. It is hand painted by Vicki Harding. Vicki is an aboriginal artist from Northern Territory, Australia. Being a shorter didgeridoo, it's easy to carry around, light weight and easy to play. This didgeridoo also plays at the higher end of the didgeridoo sound range. It's a great didgeridoo to start on, for a gift, or for the travelling didgeridoo player.

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