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Automotive Accessories

Automotive Accessories
Many items that are cheap and easy to hand out are becoming outdated as promotional giveaways, while newer items like auto accessories have become massively popular.

This isn't about price wars or the bottom line. It's about a shift in what consumers demand and expect from businesses they favour. Delivering Real Value!

When you hand out a cheap promotional items with your business information on it most people will never look twice at it. They will be lost at the bottom of some kid's toy box before you can turn the lights out on your business for the night.

This is because some cheap promotional items don't provide real value to customers. That's why it is more practical to give out auto accessories that are really valuable to others. Read more: Auto Accessories & Your Brand - Promote Your Business with Something Practical.

This category consists of products such as: Car warmer/Coolers, Chamois, Emergency car kits, car sun visors, Torchs, Glove box crash kits,travel mugs, ket rings, Visor CD holders,Visor notes, torch tool kits, boot organisers , first aid kits, sunglass holders, Tyre gauge check with torchm, auto scent sachets, tyre pressure metre,  expansion of car usb facitlity, key finders, car seat organisers and street directories to name a few of the items we have.

If you do not see something you like- just give us a call and we will find what you want or help you design a product that is unique to you.

Automotive Accessory Product will be up and online within the next month.

In the meantime please view our suppliers catalogues or give me a call and I can assist you. 0416 017 119.

Automotive Accessories

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