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About Us

                                        Karen        Pam

Hi and welcome to the ImageConnect Promotional Products Site!

Over 15 years ago when I arrived in Sydney from the USA, after working in sales and marketing for major corporation such as Levi Strauss, Dictaphone and Thorn EMI, my partner Keith and I started our own Graphic Design/ Advertising agency.

A wide variety of clients often required outstanding promotional products and we had a passion and talent for coming up with unique products.

We developed contacts locally and internationally to manufacture or source products inexpensively. We opened a separate division that specialised in promotional products and within a year we became prominent competition in this area.

Pam with her marketing expertise and pharmaceutical background joined ImageConnect as a equal partner.

People love to give and receive gifts/presents/freebies. We have enjoyed a long term relationship with a majority of our clients. Due to this passion and our success in satisfying clients after we sold our original company, Imagepoint we decided to put our energy into developing a new company, ImageConnect, a specialised promotional product agency.

We have developed and run hundreds of different promotions - aimed at distributors, retailers and the end consumer. We know what works and what does not work. We also know that customer service as well as unique branded, quality giveaway products that are cost effective, is key in this industry.

We have access to thousands of products both locally and internationally.

The development of new products continue to amaze us. For example we recently discovered Bushman Insect Repellent. We find that most insect repellents provide a source of energy to the insect. Bushman Insect Repellent actually works and is often recommended by GPs in Australia to their patients travelling overseas to countries like South America! For me this was an amazing product as I am always bitten by the first insect in sight. You may also be interested in a fascinating article as to "Mosquito Facts regarding why Mosquitoes Love some people, a lot more than others"

Having had our own successful advertising/ graphic design agency, one of the main advantages, among many others, of working with us is, the diversified services we can offer you as a value added benefit. These additional services are an add-on to our promotional products business.

These include:

                                    Stand-out Point of Sale Material
                                        Creative Graphic Design
                                    Gift with purchase programs
                                            Loyalty Programs
                                             Staff Incentives
                High response direct mail/ email/ social media campaigns
                                Conference and tradeshow organising
                                    Cost effective print management
                                    Doctor and Patient Educational Kits
We work hard, laugh hard, and work with amazing clients and even more amazing suppliers who have the same attitude as we do- everything is possible.

When Keith , Pam and I are not busy working, you'll probably find us on some golf course, desperately attempting to reduce our handicaps, or at the gym trying to take off the kilos we put on from our other favourite pastimes of eating and enjoying nice wine. We also love reading and discovering what is new in the world. We love meeting new people and always have our Blackberry allowing us to communicate with you by phone, email or SMS.

ImageConnect, 9/38 St Georges Cres, Drummoyne, NSW 2047 Australia.

Karen Stasukaitis   Tel: 0416 017 119 email: karens21@live.com
Keith van Klink       Tel: 0415 999 234 email: keithvk3@bigpond.com
Pam Catanach       Tel: 0410 411 345 email: pamcatanach@gmail.com

However, please note, we prefer not to take calls in the middle of the night. So please keep in mind the differences in time if you are not phoning from Australia.

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